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Marketers are confronted with an increasing list of responsibilities. Whether it’s social media marketing, customer experience or advertising, it can be challenging to stay current on everything.

Fortunately, for us, there is an abundance of outstanding social media tools available to help you flourish in your role and remain productive.

Tools for photo editing, content curation, analytics, and more can be used to improve your efficiency.

As a top-rated website design company, we use many tools and today we’re exploring the top 9 social media tools organizations are using to prosper in 2019.

Implementing these tools in your daily workflows will help boost results at every level.

Before we explore these tools, let’s take a look at what makes a social media tool effective.

What Makes a Social Media Tool Effective?

While “social media tool” is a broad term and can pertain to a wide variety of services, there are several essential characteristics each social media tool must have. With a great Social Media Tool you will be able to increase Instagram Followers, Facebook Page Likes, Twitter Followers, etc.

1. Saves You Time

The objective of a social media tool is to help you conserve time while obtaining comparable — or superior — results than you could without it. Search for social media tools that automate a process, but ensure the process still takes place properly, as some shortcuts might be too quick and therefore won’t emphasize quality.

2. Expand Brand Awareness

One of the biggest advantages of social media is its ability to expand your brand awareness, which is why each social media tool you choose should take brand awareness into account. Maybe your preferred tool is an editing platform like Lightroom, which can help you create images to match the rest of your feed. Or perhaps it’s an
Instagram scheduler so you can preview your profile before you post images. In any event, social media tools should zero in on brand awareness.

3. Simple to Use

Social media tools only save you time if they’re simple and intuitive to use. Every tool you choose should be easy-to-understand so that your HR team could edit photos if they were required to, and your imaginative staff of writers could still use the analytics function to monitor daily social metrics.

Many social media tools provide online tutorials while others have phenomenal customer service so you can receive instant advice if you need help getting started.

4. Cost-effective

Social media tools should be cost-effective. Many top-notch social media tools are actually free. With social media tools, there’s no need to play tug of war with the accounting department in an effort to get your budget approved. The majority of social media tools are already affordable so all that’s required is for you to sign up.

5. Stresses Organization

Social media tools let you work more efficiently by keeping you organized, so make sure the social media tools you elect to use are effective and tidy.

For instance, Later a visual content calendar for Instagram, features a clean and user-friendly interface where you can easily drag-and-drop images to schedule them. It includes a free link tool that you can use on your Instagram profile to link to a shoppable Instagram feed or a variety of blog posts and websites.

The Top 9 Best Social Media Tools in 2019

Social Media Tool

1. BuzzSumo

Cost: Plans start at $79/month

Every marketer should have BuzzSumo in their social media and content toolbox. This “super-tool” lets you discover the most shared content as well as trending influencers. You can even use it to determine which content performs best for any topic and best of all, all that’s required to begin is to search for a topic or a domain.

Using BuzzSumo you’re able to gain a greater awareness of your impact on social media and create more intelligent content strategies by looking at which of your own pages were interacted with the most. BuzzSumo will break down the results by Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest shares.

This offers the additional benefit of being able to look at which articles are performing well throughout the internet without having to continually track numerous social channels.

2. HubSpot’s Social Inbox Tool

Cost: Begins at $800/month

HubSpot’s Social Inbox is a robust and clever social media tool that links to your contacts in the database and connects them with social media interactions in your organization. This tool allows you to not only publish to all your social media platform accounts, but also track different interactions with any customer in the database.

Furthermore, you’ll also automate the process of creating your social Inbox which can send you alerts as well as other push notifications when one of the leads cites your competitor on social media platforms. Through these alerts, you can reply immediately with a link to the blog article so that you show that your organization can provide superior services in comparison to your competitor.

3. Kicksta

Cost: Starts at $49/month for individual creatives

Want more engagement on Instagram? Kicksta might be the answer. Kicksta helps you get actual Instagram followers. Unlike the many questionable services out there that enable you to “purchase” new followers, Kicksta helps you by engaging with your intended audience on your behalf.

This accomplished by liking other Instagram user’s photos. You find users in comparable niches who have similar followers you’d like to acquire. By liking their photos, Kicksta puts you on the individuals’ radar, with the expectation that they will look at your feed and then begin to follow you.

Kicksta is certainly worth considering if being successful on Instagram is important to you. If you’re just starting out in the fashion, food or travel niches, it could provide you with a great way to elevate your initial follow count.

4. Later

Cost: Starts at $9/month for solopreneurs

Social media marketing platform Later lets you plan and schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest posts. The drag-and-drop calendar makes it simple for you to organize your future posts and quickly see how your feed will appear.

You can also monitor your analytics, which will help you determine the optimal time of day to post, and the most effective hashtags to use.

5. Lightroom

Cost: Starts at $9.99/month

As the gold standard in pro photo workflow software, Adobe’s Lightroom includes filters, sliders and range of other easily accessible features that make editing a snap. You’ll be amazed at just how vibrant and professional your company’s social media photos look.

As Lightroom is cloud-based, you can work on your images from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, and computer. The software syncs with your devices, giving you a responsive and flexible platform with which your photography can excel.

6. Canva

Cost: Free or $12.95 per team member per month

Canva is a simple to use graphic design website where you can design custom graphics for your business’s social media accounts. The website has numerous templates — everything from Instagram stories to Twitter posts to Facebook banners — so if beginning from the ground up to create social graphics seems daunting, select a template.

7. Unfold

Cost: Free

Unfold is an iOS and Android app that helps you design stunning templates for Instagram stories. Bringing your creative visions to life is the fundamental idea behind Unfold. It’s a perfect app for lifestyle brands who wish to design stylish collages to keep their social media accounts on-brand and receive the maximum amount of engagement from followers.

8. HypeAuditor

Cost: Begins at $30/credit (one credit equals one Instagram report for one year)

Good luck making money from fraudulent followers – they only make your engagement look poor and destroy your reputation. Accordingly, HypeAuditor removes bogus followers on your Instagram account to help you measure your organic reach.

Also, HypeAuditor examines your audience to determine their age, where they live, gender, and which of your followers are ghosts.

9. Retouchup

Cost: Starts at $0.25 per image

Retouchup provides a straightforward approach to edit photos for social media, from simple color correction to more sophisticated Photoshop-like features like adding or eliminating people from a photo.

What’s unique about Retouchup is that you actually don’t carry out the work yourself – rather, you just submit a photo and the website’s specialists will edit the photo for you within a 24-hour period.

Whether it’s to make your photos look more professional, or determine the best avenue to engage with your online community, having the right social media tools at your disposal is critical to your success. The 9 social media tools outlined above with help you maximize your company’s social presence and help you succeed as a marketer.


Cost: Starts at 12 dollars/month.

Kontentino is here to make your social media management a piece of cake. Let’s make the whole process of collaboration, approval and planning easier. Streamline your workflow and improve agency-client relationships.
Kontentino enables brands, advertising agencies, social media managers and their clients to seamlessly collaborate when creating and approving social media content and ads.Manage multiple social media profiles in one calendar, see a live post preview and keep track of your boosts of Facebook posts all in one place.
You can also easily put numbers into context and deliver nice reports to your clients.


Cost: Plan start at $49/ month

Every marketer wishes to have a comprehensive social media management and content marketing tool at their disposal. Well, ContentStudio does exactly that and much more.

ContentStudio has powerful modules that let you discover trending articles, curate, plan, schedule, publish, automate, brand, and analyze content on your social media and blog channels, all in one platform.
Using ContentStudio you can boost brand awareness by continually publishing content gems in your industry along with branded CTA’s. Use the interactive content calendar to visualize your planned content for the next week or month. A simple drag and drop operations let you alter your
schedule as per need. Couple that with intelligent filters allow for instant content access from hundreds of posts.

Choose from a set of seven different social media automation recipes to put posting on autopilot. Use the Influencer section to search and connect with people of authority in your niche and instill your brand image through them. Monitor and analyze your whole social media strategy at work by analyzing true statistics gathered from all social channels.
Make informed decisions through deep analytics and tweak your social strategy accordingly.

Finally, ContentStudio automates and brands social media reporting for you so that you receive the much-needed data in your inbox at designated time and date. ContentStudio is a complete social media marketing tool that lets you post content that resonates with your audience across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, WordPress, and Medium.