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As we observe a rapid rise in cybercrime across the world, there is a sharp concern in the market about keeping the data safe. With the exponential increase in the freelancing culture due to the ease of working at your own pace and terms, cybersecurity-related issues have peaked. Frequently there are cases observed related to cybercrime and misuse of data supposed to be managed by freelancers, and thus there is an urgent need to understand it in detail. 

Freelancing integrates looking for work at all the possible corners, and some of them may not be safe enough, leading you to fall into a trap. Freelancers are usually at a precarious spot, and it is expected from them to safeguard the client’s data, including a lot of sensitive information as shared by them. It cannot be expected from the freelancers to be well equipped with all the cybersecurity measures to keep up with the scammers. Yet, it is essential in today’s era to have a security edge to do well in the market.

7 Simple Steps for Freelancers to Keep Client Data Safe
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Here are some easy tips and tricks to your rescue as these are going to guide you throughout your journey as a freelancer and aid you with the required knowledge that will help you keep the data safe. These measures will be a great companion to keep away the cyber-attacks and safeguard you as well in case of any threat.

Let’s dive in quickly and take a step towards secure data in this competitive era of technology:

1. Updated Software for ensuring security:

It is often seen that freelancers do not take updating software seriously. It paves a way to the scammer to manifest the attack and steal the client’s data. Most of the software has weak points when it comes to security. Each update being more advanced than the previous one integrates advanced security features too. 

The cybercriminals easily identify the vulnerabilities or weak points in particular software, and thus it is required to have the current versions. The updated versions have a critical role for freelancers in this regard.

2. Encryption: 

SSL certificates play an essential role in keeping the client data safe as security is considered the priority in a world full of typical scams. As the cons every day are responsible for interrupting the functioning, resulting in long-term consequences, it is essential to work only with the HTTPS secured sites.  It will help you in keeping the client data safe and secure. 

Different SSL providers are in SSL industry who offer robust SSL certificates including Comodo SSL, RapidSSL, GeoTrust SSL certificate, GlobalSign SSL and DigiCert SSL authority. You can choose the type of SSL certificate as per budget and website requirement.

3. Using robust passwords as a solution: 

Passwords are often overlooked considering foundational security criteria, but we should not forget the importance of a well-designed password. 

A good password should be the amalgamation of both upper- and lower-case letters and special characters. Passwords should be changed frequently to keep the security tight.

4. Secure connections to ensure security: 

It is a privilege to work from the comfortable spots, as and when we prefer. Most people today work from several public places using the open wifi. But it is an invitation to the scammers, and this way, you are only keeping your system at risk. It is advisable to use smart devices and software to detect these threats and prevent the system from any possible breach. 

Such breaches can put you and your work at risk of losing money and reputation. Therefore, it would help if you relied more on your private connections when it comes to security.

5. Stay away from scam emails and suspicious links: 

Do not immediately open and access the emails or links you receive. Phishing email will lead to a threat being directed to your system. In case you are not sure, give it a moment and try to gather the information about its source. 

If you are not sure about the origin, do not let it infiltrate your system. This can be a mere trap by the scammers that can cause harm to your entire functioning. 

6. Creating a backup: 

It is very human to take all the precautions and still fall into the trap of cybercriminals. In this way, an efficient and updated backup is essential to save you from any failure. 

Having an updated copy of the entire data set will provide you a restoration measure and the ability to start proper functioning once again. It is thereby essential to secure data with the help of a robust backup by your side.

7. Secure payment routes: 

Since you receive payments from all around the globe and the payment system involves sharing sensitive information like bank account details, credit or debit card numbers, email ids, and passwords. 

In this case, it is required to use only the authentic and reliable payment routes, not to invite any risk regarding the money. 


All through the globe, there is an emergent need to ensure cybersecurity in all fields. Freelancers must provide the same through the use of technology and their intellect. The measures mentioned above are win-win in this field and can be employed to keep the client data safe.

The risk of getting attacked is severe when you are handling the data of the client. One cannot expect only a single measure to provide the entire cover of security, but an amalgamation must provide safety and security. 

In this way, it will keep you away from the breach in a comprehensive manner.