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7 Remarkable Mobile UI Kits You Can't Afford To Miss

By September 20th, 2018Resources

In order to ease the workflow of mobile app designers, a group of professionals and experts have designed mobile GUI kits

that include a variety of things that allow designers to come up with absolutely scintillating designs for their mobile applications. Some of the key components of mobile UI kits include profile layouts, a variety of login pages, social media icons set, calendars, user friendly templates and audio/video players. With the sole aim of pacifying troubled brains of app designers, the mobile UI kits are a must-have in every mobile app designer’s tool-kit.

And now, a refined collection of seven Mobile UI Kits you can’t afford to skip knowing about

1. OS8 Mobile Kit

Offering around 77 fully-customizable PSD files, OS8 Mobile Kit is a fabulous mobile UI kit that has emerged as one of the most recommended UI kits for mobile app designers. Some interesting features of OS8 Mobile Kit include: chat update, innovative file update for the iPhone 6, Timeline update and a few other crucial updates.

2. uiStore

As a retina-ready iOS7 UI Kit for mobile apps, uiStore comes equipped with fully editable colors along with scalable vectors. Some of the interesting features of uiStore include: 100% vector shapes, smart object images, fully editable colors, well-organized PSD files, numerous elements to choose from, applicable for any app design and many more. UiStore pack also comprises of font and icon set links that can be downloaded absolutely free of cost.

3. D7 UI Kit

With over 60 retina-ready PSD files, D7 UI Kit comes with many other useful including well-organized layers and groups, contemporary design, support for display retina (640 x 1136) and many more. Also, there are 13 interesting subjects including: Login, Splash, Profile, Sidebar, Friends, Messages, Media, Location, Weather, News, Calendar, Settings and Social.

4. Otrion

Otrion is a mobile UI kit that has attained an average rating of 5.0 on a scale of 5.0. Key features of Otrion that have impressed one and all include: 100% scalable vectors, fully layered and organized PSD, free icon fonts, free Google fonts, easy to change color style and well-documented help file.

5. Flat Mobile UI

Equipped with custom color schemes and an array of PSD files, Flat Mobile UI kit features a flat design layout that makes it convenient for the designers to build RGB High resolution compatible mobile applications. All 21 pages included within Flat Mobile UI kit comprise of an intro, profile, login, sign up, message, chat, 3 menu pages, map, 2 photo gallery, music, movies, friends, weather, calendar, call, 2news and many more.

6. Nevato Mobile Ui

Nevato Mobile UI kit serves as a brilliant mobile UI kit that includes features such as: 10 pages, 20 PSD files, Register, Welcome Slideshow, Sign In, Horizontal Loading, Rounded Loading, Chat, Contacts, Menu, Lockscreen, Running Dashboard and many more.

7. 8 Quality Part 2 Mobile UI Kit

As a yet another remarkable mobile UI kit, 8 Quality Part 2 Mobile UI Kit comprises of over 44 PSD files and 23 subjects including Login, Launch screen, SignUp, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Profile, Portfolio, Share, Chat, Events, Food, Game Store, Locations, Map, Music, News, Post, Shop, TimeZone, Timeline, Travel, Video and Weather.

Wrapping Up

With such truly amazing mobile UI kits by your side, you can easily execute a mobile app design and development project without making a fuss. I’m sure the collection of mobile UI kits provided above would have tempted you to pick up one for your forthcoming mobile app development venture.