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You just can’t overstate the fact that WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms available out there.

The platform has gained the attention of a lot of bloggers, webmasters, and entrepreneurs around the world. Something which has just started as a personal project to channelize the blogging needs of writers, has now risen to a heroic stature by powering over 22% of the website.If you think that you already know all about WordPress, and you are ready for WordPress migration service , then think again. Because the statistics that we are going to show in this article might prove your knowledge about the popularity of WordPress wrong.

1. 48% of Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs Are Powered by WordPress

This statistic is quite enough to determine how popular the platform is. So, if you decide to choose WordPress as your blogging platform then you would certainly be on the right path. Top websites such as Forbes, New York Times, CNN, Mashable use WordPress as their platform.


2. WordPress Websites Publish 16-17 Posts in Every Second

Yes, this is true. In 2014, WordPress based websites both self-hosted and built on with Jetpack plugin installed, published around 16-17 posts in every second. Talking about minutes, the numbers reached around 1,023 blog per minute, 61,391 in an hour, and 1.5 million per day.


3. WordPress Can Be Translated Around More Than 40 Languages

If you don’t belong to a English speaking country then don’t worry, WordPress has the solution for you. The platform is ready to get translated around more than 40 languages. The number of languages in which WordPress,is available is increasing rapidly to give a touch of internalization to your website.


4. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool Found That the Single word WordPress is searched around 2, 740,000 times in a Month

Surprised? But that’s true. This we have only talked about the word ‘WordPress,’. There happen to be a plenty of queries like ‘WordPress plugin’, ‘WordPress development’ and a lot more that together contribute about more that 30 million searches for WordPress.


5. WordPress is Powering Up To More than 60 Million Websites

Yes, you read it write. Up to more than 60 million of websites run on WordPress. The 50% of this figure i.e., more than 30 million websites is hosted on the free As far as self hosted sites are concerned, WordPress acquires around 18.9% of all the websites. The figure is a good indicator of how people are gravitate towards the platform.


6. WordPress Repository is Filled with More Than 33000 Plugins

The biggest reason why WordPress outperforms other CMS is its ability to offer an extensive range of plugins and themes that help you improve the functionality of your website. These plugins can be used for a variety of purposes to make a website more competitive.


7. Akismet is The Best-selling Plugin So Far

Showcasing around 24 million downloads, Akismet has emerged as number one plugin out of 34,000 contenders. Akismet is a power-packed spam protection plugin. Contact Form 7 comes second (with 21 million downloads) and third position is given to Michael Tolbert’s All in One SEO Pack (20 million downloads).


WordPress is gaining momentum in an incredible way. The popularity of this platform is increasing with each passing day and people embrace it as their solution for developing feature-rich websites.