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To cope up with changing technological trends, websites are evolving at a very rapid pace.

Within few years various content management systems have emerged in the market which have completely transformed the way a site’s content is developed and managed. The best thing about these CMS’s is that they don’t require any professional skills to operate them, which makes them them easy to use & maintain.

Drupal is one such CMS platform that is dynamic and offers amazing functionalities because of which it has become most preferred CMS system in the web world. Another reason why developers love Drupal is its 24/7 support community which is capable of solving all types of issues related to PSD to Drupal conversion and site development. But this is not it; Drupal comes loaded with thousands of superior and attractive features that make it a better than the other CMS platforms available out there. Given below are few features of Drupal that will provide some insight about this high modern CMS:


Themes & Modules:

Drupal offers a huge amount of modules & extensions that will help you create any website. All you need to do is to integrate these modules into your Drupal based website. In case you don’t have technical knowledge then you look out for the services of an experienced Drupal development company which will provide you with the desired site.

Regular Updates:

Updates mostly consists of bug fixes in the Drupal core and it is critical that whenever the update is released you must install it in your portal. Drupal keeps on releasing new updates for both old and new versions. Hence from the security point of view, it is a must to install all the essential updates provided by Drupal.

Search Engine Friendly:

To bring more traffic to your portal it is essential that you must build an SEO friendly site which will increase your reach and will help you get in touch with potential clients and customers. The PSD to Drupal conversion will automatically make your site search engine friendly. Make sure you add spam free content to your portal.

Easy to Access:

As mentioned above, Drupal does not require any professional or technical skills to manage a Drupal based site. A non-technical person can easily make essential changes in the outlook and functionality of the Drupal powered portal. Every Drupal based site comes with a customisation panel from where you can easily make the necessary changes.


Every website owners wants a spam free and secure portal. Safety is an important aspect of an user-friendly site. Drupal offers a stable platform for creating different types of sites. With every new update, Drupal rolls out new and efficient ways of making websites tough to hack or spam.

Value for money:

Drupal understands the value of money, thus offers services free of cost. Almost all the modules and extensions are free to install and use. You don’t have to pay any development and licensing fees for using Drupal.


In a very less time, Drupal has become a highly preferred CMS platform for business and personal sites. It is not only easy to use but also comes loaded with loads of features that will surely make your portal more user-friendly & efficient.