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WordPress is the most popular and trusted platform for blogging.

As a result, majority of bloggers are using to build their blog or website. I observed that, most of the bloggers are not giving priority to their website security as compare to their blog design and content. As a result, there are many blogs are suffering from hacking, vulnerability and spyware and has lost their data due to lack of security enabled on their blog.

However, if you want to secure your blog/ website data, I strongly recommend spending some time considering the security aspect of your wordpress blog. Intelligent mind and people working to improve the security aspect of WordPress and as a result, you must keep updated your wordpress version as soon as they release newer version. If you are using latest version of wordpress, you are one-step ahead than many bloggers in the security of your website. However, I suggest taking advantage of following wordpress plugins, which will help you to secure your blog against hackers.

Ultimate Security Checker

Ultimate security checker wordpress plugin will help you to check and identify security issues with your wordpress installation. You need to install this plugin and run the scan, which will give you security grade based on hundreds of known threats and your blog security against them. This scan will help you to solve identified problems. Download Ultimate Security Checker

Better WP Security

Hackers are well aware of weak passwords, plugin vulnerabilities, and obsolete softwares. Better WP security plugins offer various facilities listed below that can secure your websites from different loopholes.

  • Rename admin accounts
  • “wp-content” path
  • It also change database table
  • It change the URL of wordpress dashboard that includes login, admin and other important features.

Apart from these, there are numbers of features offered by WP Security plugin you should try now. Download Better WP Security Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Wordpress Blog or Website 1

Limit Login Attempts

Weak password can easily cracked by hackers using brute-force attack as default wordpress setting allows unlimited login attempts through login page or by sending special cookies. The best way to protect your wordpress against brute-force attack is to limit number of login attempts. Here are few important features provided by Limit Login Attempts wordpress plugin.

  • Limit the number of login attempts per IPs
  • Limit the number of Login attempts using auth cookies
  • It also help you to handle server behind reserve proxies

Download Limit Login Attempts WordPress Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Wordpress Blog or Website 2


Comment spam is the biggest challenge for any blogger and Akistem wordpress plugin is the most popular solution of this challenge. This plugin is world’s most popular spam control plugin and available at FREE of cost for personal use. Once you install this plugin, it will filter comment by comparing string and IP’s and will prevent them to post comments or delete those comments automatically.

Download Akismet WordPress Plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Wordpress Blog or Website 3


Despite of taking every action to secure your wordpress blog, it may happen you lose your data, as no software is hacker-proof. One should always keep regular back-up of their database and important files hosted on blog/website. BackWPUp is the most popular wordpress plugin that offer below important features to keep backup of your wordpress website.

  • Take automatic schedule backup.
  • Database backup.
  • Important file backup.
  • Keep backup in different file format like .zip, .tar, tar.gz etc.
  • It offers idependency to store that backup on FTP server, Amazon, Rackspace cloud, DropBox and other popular online storage medium.

Download BackWPUp wordpress plugin

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure Your Wordpress Blog or Website 4

There are hundreds of WordPress security plugins available online that can be helpful to improve the security of your wordpress website. I will really appreciate if you can share security plugins used by you to protect your wordpress website.