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It’s 2017, so why haven’t you started a blog yet?

A blog is so much more than just an online journal to share your thoughts and ideas. Blogs are legitimate businesses these days. If you aren’t currently involved in some sort of online venture via blogging, you’re missing out on cheap real estate with unlimited growth potential.

To try and make things as easy as possible for you, this article showcases a select few niches to start a blog in. All of these ideas are trending upward according to Google Trend, and chances are they’re here to stay.

Below are 4 niches that would be perfect to begin your online ventures in this year.


3D Printing

Interest in the 3D printing realm has skyrocketed since 2012. Though it peaked in 2013, interest has continued to carry over and is still at an all-time high.

As prices for 3D printers and supplies continue to become more affordable, there is a huge opportunity to create a blog as a key resource for home-users. Yes, 3D printing will probably become a household staple in the years to come.

If this is the niche you choose to go with, it might behoove you to focus solely on home use of 3D printing. Most larger businesses know the ins and outs of the process; however, there will be tons of people and small businesses fumbling around, trying to get their bearings straight while figuring things out.

That’s where you could potentially be the resource they need.

Cyber Security

This niche is hot for one major reason: people absolutely need cyber security help. With technology intertwined as a critical part of our lives, the opportunities for hackers to take advantage of have grown exponentially.

Identity theft is something most people scoff at until it happens to them. Cyber security is the same way, except more people are realizing the dangers and risks of not protecting themselves.

Great resources on cyber security are few and far between, though admittedly, more are popping up. That doesn’t mean there won’t be room for you in the growing niche – quite the opposite, actually.
More blogs means more demand and a greater opportunity for someone to stand out amongst the crowd.

Furthermore, cyber security software is on the rise. Companies with a strong solution, including a network scanner, patch management, and automatic updates are looking for affiliates to help sell their products.


You might think this fad is on the decline, but think again. Many people who thought drones were just some cool toy to play with are now eating their own words as drones continue to prove their worth.

Amazon is at the forefront of using drones as a delivery service. This may be a nightmare for postmen, but it’s great for the rest of society.

As drones continue to rise in popularity and potential use, more people will be looking to the internet for resources on the topic. There are plenty of opportunities here for affiliate marketing, how-to videos, and much more.

Personal Development

If nothing above suits your fancy, there’s always the age-old personal development niche. Since the birth of the internet, people have loved improving themselves, and that’s something that will likely never change.

Personal development is always a safe niche for anyone to tap into, and the pie is usually so big that there’s always a slice for everyone.


Hopefully this article has helped you realize that there is no better time to start a blog than right now. There are plenty of opportunities out there and a wide array of means to make extra money, while helping others out.