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Digital marketing is more important than ever for businesses. At this point, the Internet has long been the standard-bearer as far as promotional tools are concerned, with every company – from startups to conglomerates – using it to their advantage. 

Its prevalence, however, also brings a fair share of disadvantages to the party. Due to every business promoting their wares online, competition is fierce. Trying to stand out and attract new customers is difficult. However, gaining visibility on the Internet is often necessary for your company to survive. 

Digital Marketing

Because of the versatile nature of online advertising, there are thankfully various different paths you can take on the journey to success. To help you on the way, consider the following four methods to improve your digital marketing strategy. 

1. Visual content is king 

When it comes to digital marketing, a large portion of your efforts should be centered around producing visual content. According to statistics, 91% of people prefer visual content when compared to its written counterpart. 

As for what visual content to focus on, videos will generally result in a greater response than images. After all, it isn’t static and it can instantly catch the eye when someone is quickly scrolling through their social media feed. Speaking of social media, all visual content needs to be optimized for each specific platform. So a video on, say, Instagram requires different dimensions to video content on Facebook or Twitter. 

2. The digital experience 

Planning a digital marketing strategy can be tricky when all of your digital content is singing off different hymn sheets. With a digital experience platform, however, this is no longer a problem.  

Along with tying together various different platforms, this specialist software allows you to sync, manage and release content across said platforms. Additionally, marketing efforts can be ramped up due to a large amount of customer personalization available. 

For added information, The CX Lead details the importance of using a digital experience platform.

3. Inbound marketing 

Inbound marketing is an excellent method to draw people to your business. As for what inbound marketing means, it is essentially the process of creating content to grab the attention of prospective customers. These customers are essentially strangers and unfamiliar with your brand, but the intention is the content draws them in, and your business then turns them into a sale. 

Before you start dreaming of attracting a whole new revenue stream, care and attention need to go into the content. It needs to be high-quality, informative and engaging for the reader. 

4. Chatbots 

In today’s business world, instant response is vital. Whether this is through social media, email, or live chat, customers expect their queries to be dealt with pretty much immediately. If not, they may feel perturbed by your business and decide to look elsewhere. 

Although most businesses cannot afford round-the-clock live support, all hope isn’t lost just yet. There is the possibility of utilizing automation techniques such as chatbots. These chatbots can be educated and trained, and they will then know how to respond to general queries that are sent their way.