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WordPress, is one of the most preferable CMS platforms by most bloggers, site owners due to its availability of features.

It is customization and user-friendly. It is more flexible than other CMS platforms. It is not only just for blogging. Through the use of programming languages the WordPress developers can build a website using the WordPress open Source platform to build any type of site imaginable.
Since we can easily expand our wordpress site by using the wordpress plugins. Hence we can have a complete backup of our site in WordPress. Due to these features most of the bloggers/business people choose WordPress as their platform. Here I have stated some most famous sites that are built using WordPress.


Mashable, one of the largest used blog sites in the social media. It is the source for information, news for the connected generation. It provides news on social medias like facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, etc. Mashable ranks as one of the world’s largest websites.Mashable has 20 million unique visitors per month and 6 million social media followers. It is head quartered in New York city with an office in San Francisco.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 1

Tech crunch

Tech crunch is the famous blog site, where we can establish our company profile by using it. It offers news, latest information hence is it a web publication. It is one of the leading media founded at June 2005. Within a short while it reached over 12 million unique visitoors per month and 2 million friends following on social media’s like Facebook, twitter, etc. It provides news on startup company’s profile, breaking tech news and latest internet products news.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 2


Ford Motor Company would go onto become one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world . Based on the worldwide vehicle sales report, it is the third largest automaker company. Ford is an American multi-national company head quartered in Deardorn. The company sells luxury cars under the Lincoln brand and it sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the ford brand. It was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 3

People magazine

People magazine is an American magazine company that publishes news of celebrity and human-interest stories on a weekly basis. You can get your favourite clebrity photos, videos from people magazine. In addition to that you can also get the hottest breaking news of them. The magazine has the largest american audience among all the magazines. The magazine maintains a single editorial bureau in Los Angeles. The magazine company runs a website where you can collect all the details with ease.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 4

Newyork times

Newyork times, is established in 1851. Its an American daily newspaper company. It was founded on 1851. It has been running more pupulrly from the day whigh it gets tarted to till date. It gets about 30 million unique visitors per month. It is best magazine thus it has won 108 Pulitzer Prizes. It’s website is The founder of this Newyork times is Henry Jarvis raymond.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 5

Texa Tech today

Texa tech today is the site is maintained by the journalism students of mass communications in Texas University. Its motto is to provide valuable information and news to the students and to make them aware. It provides an opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion about matters in the news, matters of public policy and other matters of interest to member of the Tech community. The news in the website will be updated during sem of the academic year.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 6


Xerox is an American multinational corporation. This document management corporation produces digital equipments llike digital production printing presses, printers, etc. The company is founded in Rochester, New York in 1906 and it is head quartered at Norway, Connecticut. The inventions of software and hardware peoples in Xerox are still in use today. The most important elemants like mouse, desktop computing, etc.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 7


Initially the company sets their brand name as Brad’s Drink, later in 1898 they shifted their name to Pepsi-cola. This company produces the carbonated soft drink. The company was started at United states but now it covers most of the countries in the world. The products produced from the pepsi–cola are RC cola, Big cola, Coca-cola, Cola Turka, Irb Bru. It was stylished in upper case as PEPSI.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 8 provides award-winning phone solutions to your business. It is easy to find a solution to fit your needs with customizable business and home phome systems.They were not only a phone company they acts as a communication platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage those connections – when you want, where you want and how you want. It manages all your calls , texts or sms and e-mails. It was started in 2007.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 9


Problogger is one of the most popular blogging sites. It is founded by Darren Rowse. He is a blogger, consultant and founder of this Problogger. He founded this for bloggers, where they gets an opportunity to communicate with each other and share the thingsand can learn more. This is a forum for blogging community.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 10

Studi plus

Studi Plus is an official website for education suppport center school. It is located in France.They provide academic counseling for higher education students. They provide academic training in all subjects as well as english knowledge training like grammar and improvement in spelling. The session conducted involves in preparation of exam, they teach sudents how to write exam and how to face them in a positive manner.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 11

Sony electronics

Sony electronics is an American-based electronic company. It is world’s popular electronic company. It is headquatered in San Diego, California. Sony was started in Japan in 1946 by two young mens. Both Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita joined hands in making their dream of a successful global company a reality. Sony India is one of the most recognized consumer electronics brand in the country, with a reputation for new age technology.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 12


Triqui is a popular flash video gaming website. It uses wordpress to serve all it’s is a Flash game portal with handpicked Flash games. This is a site where you can play your favourite games online and rate yourself. This site will suit for the people who were fond of playing games. I hope this will be a good entertainment for all.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 13

Digital photography school

Digital Photography school is one of the most popular pphotography websites that uses wordpress to power their website. This site is a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in our understanding of photography. You can learn, how to use your latest digital technology camera from this community. You can have a discussion with the photographers to clear your doubts.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 14


Spotify is a website for music lovers based on wordpress.You can listen all music instantly. You can hear your favourite music with no limit. Spotify brings you the right music for every mood and movement. This site fits on your display it may be your computer, your tablet, your mobile, and your home entertainment system. You may also download your favourite music to hear when your offline. There is no limit for you to listen music.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 15

Djdesignfuture launched in October 2011, as the personal freelance web design portfolio of Dibakar Jana. After few months we changed direction, and evolved into the design resource magazine that you see today.
We offer insightful tutorial, time-saving techniques, fresh and useful resources and inspirational art, covering web design and development, graphic design, advertising, mobile development. We really love to showcase the best and most innovative web design styles, keep you up to date with the latest in current design trends and highlight the latest in web technologies.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 16


Typograhica is used for review of fonts and typography design in type face and type books. It is founded in 2002 by Joshua Lurie-Terrell and it was relaunched in 2009 by Coles and Chris Hamamoto. Here we can get type faces of all years.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 17


Today Internet has become a huge resource for everything. That’s why spend most of the time browsing the web and collect information/resources which can help the web design community to grow. As Dalai Lama said “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality. Which gave me the concept of starting this blog. In this blog you will get unlimited Resoures, Photoshop Tutorials, Inspirational articles about web design, Freebies(Free Icons, Psd, Fonts), etc.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 18


As name implies it is brand website for a cigars.This is the site of cigars. You can have all the information about the camachocigars. This is an official website of his brand. It was founded by Simon Camacho in 1961. After the death of Simon the company was accquired by Eiroa family in 1995.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 19


H-mag is a luxury magazine for hoboken market.You can get all the collections of magazines in this site.HMAGs goal is to promote the treasures in town.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 20


Healogix is a website mainly for biotech and pharma industries. Healogix is a global health care marketing research and consulting firm created to meet the needs of executives facing real development and marketing decisions. It is located in Horsham.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 21


Eye-fi is a popolar company that sells wireless camera memory cards. The first memory card to upload videos and photos using wi-fi are founded by eye-fi company. This credit goes to this company. You can use this wi-fi technology easilywithout any trouble. This provides an easy way to instantly and safely upload photos to your computer, tablets using wi-fi.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 22

Wall street journal

Wall street Journal is a daily newspaper in America which mainly focuses on business and economics. WSJ is the online coverage of current headlines and breaking new from all over the world. You can see the current breaking news in this site.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 23


Andyroddick is a famous tennis player who has an official website powered in wordpress. This website is owned by a retired american former World No.1 tennis player. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Any information about andyroddick can be found from this website.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 24

DC Universe

This wordpress website focuses on DC comic stories. It contains the stories about fictional characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and also contains stories about supervillains such as Lex Luthor, the Joker and Darkseid. Here you can play with your favourite characters online. It is easily customizableso that you can have fun with ease.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 25

Best Web Gallery

This Web designing company website is developed on WordPress. The websites powered by HTML are designed in this company. Here you will have a collections of web designs from online so that you can easily choose your design for your website. In addition to that the ratings for all the design are also shown. This makes you to know the best design for your website.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 26

Out Reach magazine

This magazine website helps you to get a new ideas, innovative thoughts and movitates you to change the world. This site provides you an inspirational stories to reach you community to change the world. This provides a clear path to know the life. This site is a motivational for many people.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 27

Creative awards

Best advertising company that serves you with its unique and best advertisement in its business. The creative show started in 1970 to answer many criticisms of shoes. It follows all
guidelines for ethical contests recommended by the graphic artists guild.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 28


This is an Online Web Design News Magazine. We regularly used to post most popular topics on web design and developing. We always keep the new trends of latest web design resources which are most useful for web designers and developers.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 29


You can get a new young designs every month from this company through online. This is website for clothing where you can get thousands of collection in online.This site provides the baby carriers where both the men and women can carry their child safely. The clothes are very gentle to the childrens.

30 Most Famous Sites Built Using Wordpress 30