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Coworking spaces are an alternative to traditional office spaces designed to attract entrepreneurs and freelancers. 

They have been my saver for the last 2 years. For instance, once I normally get hit by urgent meetings on weekends. 

So, wherever I am, I always Google “office pods near me” and boom a list of contacts fills my inbox.

What Types of Coworking Spaces are Available?
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Coworking spaces provide a collaborative environment where people can work in close quarters, share resources, and access project support.

Many working professionals have embraced coworking spaces to reduce the costs associated with renting or buying office space. 

Whether starting up a new project or expanding your existing business, coworking spaces can provide benefits beyond shared workspace.

Here are the various coworking spaces available today;

Open workspaces

These are what most people think of when they hear “coworking.” They’re just large shared offices where you can rent your desk and work from home whenever you want. 

Their popularity has exploded in recent years, but their downside is that they tend to attract more intense, less stable personalities — those who prefer being alone and working on their projects

That said, if you’re looking for one-on-one interaction with your co-workers or occasional client meetings, this may be the way to go.

Private workspaces

Also known as “cowork pods,” these smaller spaces can be dedicated to a single company or person. 

Think of a room in a large shared office space that’s usually only rented for specific purposes. This is an excellent option for people who want some privacy and silence.

Industry-specific Venture/Incubators

These spaces fall under several names: seed accelerators, incubators, startup hubs, and coworking incubators. 

They generally offer offices, meeting rooms, and some shared workspace focusing on particular industries or fields of business. 

While they might be costly to join at first, they typically offer ongoing support services such as business counseling, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Bottom Line – Coworking Spaces

So, you’re ready to launch your next big project. Perhaps you want to ditch the office and work from home, or maybe you’re tired of working in traditional environments. 

Whatever your reason may be, coworking spaces can add a ton of value to your next project by offering a professional and innovative environment with a ton of resources available to you. 

Remember, though, that there are varying levels of coworking spaces. Some will require an annual membership to access their resources, while others may charge hourly rates based on the part of the day you use their facilities. 

Regardless, they all offer one thing: invaluable networking opportunities that could help take your next project from great to amazing!