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It is quite a hard job to convert people who entered your Magento store for the first time into your clients.

However, it is even harder to make them stay and be your permanent loyal customers. The steps one has to undertake in order to gain this kind of loyalty are quite special but not really numerous: for now it is enough to consider 3 major points you should implement in your online store to get attention of buyers.


Three steps on the way to loyalty

Usability. The Magento platform allows arranging your store in the most comfortable way, adding fields and modules which make the process of purchasing easy. Taking into consideration products you are selling and specific characteristics they may have, you need to choose a structure which will be the best and the most understandable for people coming on your site. There is no need to say that, after once making a purchase quickly and easily, they will definitely come to do it again.
Attention. To get customers’ attention you should at first give it to them. Be aware of what they are looking for, what they are interested in, what are their main preferences. People feel concern and pay it back with new orders.
Special Features. Make your shop something special – add features which will make your clients appreciate and remember it. A good example is free gifts offered with products people buy. That would let you attract their attention to some unpopular or not really well-known brands you may have in your Magento store, but at the same time it makes customers feel better about a purchase and gives you their loyalty. To arrange the way Magento free gifts are distributed and managed it is convenient to use one of such extensions for Magento stores which consider every detail of this process.
Is that enough?
For sure, there is no one typical way of development for every Magento online shop: you can add to this guide your own steps to customers’ loyalty which may be even more successful. However, these three points – usability, attention and special features – are the most critical ones for any website, so if you are about to start arranging your store, take a notice of them to have your customers coming back to buy again.