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There is a wide range of programming style opportunities for developers to stand out a clean and sharp website.

It requires some thoughtful and calm moments to increase a developer’s workflow run smoothly. In this article we present a handful of useful articles for developers to minimize their headaches. Hope developers will enjoy.

DNC Magazine for .NET Developers

“After serving thousands of online tutorials, tips and tricks for .NET developers for the last 5 years, DotNetCurry (DNC) is proud to present a high quality technical digital magazine for .NET techies. ‘DNC Magazine’ is a Free, bimonthly digital publication bringing you the latest from the .NET world presented by Microsoft MVP’s and industry veterans, with years of experience in software development.”

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 1

Android vs. iOS: A Developer’s Perspective

“What follows is a very brief synopsis of my experience developing an app for Android and then porting it to iOS. Please remember that my opinions are but a single data point. After you’ve remembered that, feel free to promptly forget it and start the flame wars in the comments section. If my coding skills are lacking and I’m missing a simple way to do something I claim is impossible, feel free to let me know that too.”

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 2

Delete Files Directory Sub Directories From Server In Asp.Net

“This example explains How to Delete Files Folders Directory and Sub Directories from Server in Asp.Net Using C# And VB.NET.”

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 3

CheckBox Operations using Csharp and ASP.NET

“CheckBoxList supports some advance features like add/remove items dynamically and change the display layout of CheckBoxes. Let’s now cover the advance operations of CheckBox.”

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 4

Simple example of Queue in C#

“A queue is a first-in-first-out data structure. When we add an element in queue we are adding it to the end, and when we remove an element we are removing it from the beginning.”

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 5

5 Inspiring (and Useful) PHP Snippets

“Snippets that generating a random string or return $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] for the IP Address of a client really aren’t that interesting and are of modest usefulness. Instead, here are five snippets that you’ll no doubt find interesting and useful, presented along with the problems that inspired them.”

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 6

How to cook a complete Windows 8 application with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in a week

The goal of these articles is to provide a pragmatic recipe to create a complete Windows 8 application from scratch.

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 7

How to Parse HTML on iOS

Let’s say you want to find some information inside a web page and display it in a custom way in your app. This technique is called “scraping.” Let’s also assume you’ve thought through alternatives to scraping web pages from inside your app, and are pretty sure that’s what you want to do.

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 8

Installation-Free Programming in the Cloud

Smart teams concentrate their efforts on the areas they choose, and leave all others to the cloud. By way of example we survey cloud-based Python tools.

10 Most Useful Articles for Developers 9