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In 2012, HubSpot conducted a survey of 7,000 B2B and B2C businesses.

This survey, unearthed the secret that some marketers were using to generate more leads than their competitors. The secret was in the landing pages. Today, everyone, from small businesses to business corporations such as Google uses landing pages to boost their names in the digital marketing space.
There are different types of landing pages, but their major purpose is to convert visitors into customers or leads. The trick to achieving this, is by strategically arranging persuasive elements. Here is how to go about, to create an impressive high converting landing page.

1. Catchy Headline and Sub-Headline

The headline is the first thing that people see when they visit your page. It should capture the interest, retain attention and generate understanding. It should be short; less than twenty words. It should inform the user what the product is about, and preferably be accompanied by an image.
The sub headline should be persuasive; it should make visitors stay on your landing page. It should;
• Be positioned directly underneath the main headline.
• Go slightly into more depth about the depth and detail of the product.


2. Limited Exit Points

A landing page should be like a well-designed trap; Easy to get in, but difficult to get out unless you convert. Alienate all exit points on the navigation menu. There should be only three exit points off your landing page;
• By converting.
• By exiting the browser window.
• By clicking the back button.
In the HubSpot research, when they removed the exit button of their landing pages, they realized that it increased the conversion rate by as much as 28%.


3. The Hero Shot

The saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ This explicitly applies here, as you only have seven seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Images and videos, help people gain a better understanding of the product. The main idea, is to get the customers to have an image of themselves using the said product.

Images: For a more attractive page, they should be bright and eye-catching.

Videos: Videos are a more compelling way to showcase products, as they illustrate the direct usage and benefits to everyday life. They also keep visitors for longer on the landing page, and help them to process the information more effectively. You can use online services such as that offers you with the largest collection of design pallets to help inspire your designs.

For a better user experience, you should add visual cues, i.e. graphics or icons, to clue the visitor on what they should do next.


4. An Explanation

It is useless to let the user know about a product that they have no understanding of, without any form of explanation. Needless to say, you need to provide straightforward explanations. The explanation should be integrated with the headline, to maintain the flow. It should also combine with the sub-heading, images and videos on the landing page.
The explanations should be;
• Benefit-oriented, to show its focus on the user, i.e., we ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.
• Give explanation in picture form.

5. Value Proposition

The value proposition is a feature or innovation to make the product more attractive to consumers, as compared to those of its competitors. It answers the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ it goes hand in hand with the explanation and can be spread among various elements. You can list them down, in bullet form. Most importantly, ensure the benefits are focused on the user.

6. Powerful Call to Action

This is the most important part of your landing page. A powerful call to action, is what will push your visitors to opt in.Without it, your landing page is doomed to fail. Here are tips on how to increase your conversion rate.
• Make it big; the bigger the better.
• Make your copy compelling, exciting, and gives the illusion of exclusivity. Don’t use normal boring words such as ‘submit’. Instead, try words such as, Only for You, Get Started, Get your Free Coupon here, etc.
• Use a button. A button is what many people expect to find. Locate the buttons on multiple places on the page so that the user can easily find it.
• Use a contrasting color. If your color scheme is blue, make the CTA button red.
• If you have a form, position the CTA button just below it.

7. A Simple Form

You can opt to have a contact form, opt-in form or order form, depending on the goal of your landing page. These forms allow prospects to provide information about themselves if they want to, and give your marketing team the information it needs. You should keep the forms simple; name, email address, etc. The form should have a clear headline, and a call to action clearly displayed below it. Remember, short forms generate more leads while longer forms generate fewer leads.

8. An Offer

The easiest way to get a conversion is to dangle an offer that is highly valued by the customer but is inexpensive to you. Provide an exclusive discount, advice or a solution to their major needs. Mention what they will lose if they fail to opt in. You can even direct them to a trial. This will make them to promptly fill the form and sign up for your page.

9. Trustworthy Testimonials

To see and read a short story first-hand from fellow customers signals trust and can make more people opt in. According to research, at least 80% of internet users make purchasing decisions based on online reviews. When you add the testimonials, it will give them the proof they are looking for, right there in front of them and make them click the CTA button much faster.
Make sure;
• Testimonials are from real people. Show the image of the person.
• Provide links where the product has been featured in magazines.
• Use specific testimonials backed by real data and numbers.

10. Contact

Contact proves that your business is legit and you are open and willing to talk to prospective customers. You can provide; a phone number, a physical address, an email address, or a contact form. You can add Livechat so that you can answer any questions the prospective client may have as they go through your landing page. Livechat makes the business seem more real, and also provide instant gratification to customers. Remember to answer the questions within 24 hours.

In conclusion, a landing page can land you a customer, within the first 10 seconds of one clicking it. Follow these 10 elements, to create a powerful and high-converting landing page, and watch your efforts come into fruition.