20 Portfolio Websites to Boost Your Design Inspiration

When Designers want to describe himself about his potential and creativity they need a high quality and well-designed portfolio. It’s important to show your talent to your visitors and clients. The portfolio website can be a strong marketing tool and people must interest in your service.
This article 20 Portfolio Websites to Boost Your Design Inspiration can be motivate you to create a well-designed portfolio website.

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Webydo – Where 50k Designers Are Creating, Managing & Publishing Their Clients’ Websites

Developers charge hefty sums to code websites. Statistics have shown that 70% of the total amount expended on website creation goes to developers and only 30% goes to designers.

Webydo has been on a mission to shake up this old school routine, and put the power of design and publishing in the hands of the designer, and that is exactly what we are going to share with you now.

They hired a team of skilled mathematicians to design new and powerful algorithms for them which allows designers to create fantastic websites without needing the help of a developer or having to manually write the code themselves. Without the need to hire or rely on a developer, Webydo has streamlined the production process and also made it more cost efficient for the designer as well.

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A Showcase of Beautifully Designed Websites for Magazines

With sales of print magazines consistently falling year-on-year, many publications have turned to the internet, creating online offerings of their existing titles. This growing trend for online publications has also seen many new titles launch via the internet. However, bringing a magazine to life online is not always an easy job for web designers. Replicating the look and feel of a real-life magazine on a website can be difficult, especially with such large volumes of content needing to be featured.
Consumers enjoy the magazine format because it allows them to indulge in an easy-to-digest reading experience, no matter what time they have. They can flick through to the features and sections that they want to read at that time and can come back to the magazine to read more at their leisure. A user of an online magazine will expect a very similar experience to this. They want to be able to jump online when they have a moment and be able to easily access the features they want to read. At the same time, the reader will expect this engaging content to be championed by beautiful, eye-catching designs, portraying an identity that appeals to the target audience.
Showcased here is a selection of some of the most beautifully designed websites for magazines. They are the perfect examples of how to bring a magazine to life online, each displaying a large amount of content without compromising on usability or style.

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Best Pack of Websites for Downloading Free High-Quality PSD Files

Today, I would like to share the article of design projects off the ground. Every web designers need to check for some motivation every now and then, sometimes it is much easier for web developers and innovative folks to download a PSD file or a source in order to have their creativity stuffed in again. So I have rounded up very useful PSD and source files in and around the web. You can use these PSD files for personal and professional purposes according to the limitations. Free Photoshop files or PSD are always a great source for every graphic or web designer because with the help of these free photo-shop files, they can save their time as well as money and they can also modify these files to create something new or learn new techniques. Some of the websites detailed here will absolutely be known to you yet you will be absolutely surprised by the point that they offer free PSD information. I hope you will like this collection and find it useful.

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Websites to Download Free Magento Templates

Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that is growing rapidly and embraces a wide variety of features. A while back we have shared a list of Magento themes that you can download for free and use when building different online stores. As more freebies of this kind are being released by different companies we’ve decided to make a list of websites offering free Magento themes and if you bookmark this article, you can then check these sites for updates.

Magento was initially launched in 2008 as an open source application, but now there are also a few premium editions (Enterprise Edition and Magento Go). In other words, whether your online business is big or small, whether you’d like to manage it yourself or you prefer to leave it in the trust of the Magento team, Magento is definitely worth your consideration.

Let’s say you want your eCommerce site to be powered by Magento, but for some reasons you can not afford a premium Magento theme now, so why don’t you take a few minutes and learn where to find free Magento templates?

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Popular Websites to Get Feedbacks for Upgrade Your Designs

Designers should want to receive feedback from friends in design communities. Sometimes its may be not your way but positive or negative, all feedbacks come handy to improve your design skills and make satisfaction of your own. So to get feedbacks of your design, we present today some Popular Websites to Get Feedbacks for Upgrade Your Designs.

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10+ Email Anti Spam Gateway Websites

Virus/Spam is the very common problem in the internet world. Whenever opening a new mail from a new address we all feel scared if it has spam or not. I hope we all have encountered email spam attack. To protect our emails there are many Anti Spam Gateway Available. In this article I will feature some of those popular and successful products.

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40+ Creative Flash Websites For Your Inspiration

Flash is the future of user interface design because it is so much flexible that you can create any graphics and establish a new environment for your website visitor. In this exclusive collection I am showcasing some of the much interactive flash websites that you can’t stop yourself to get involved with the site instantly.

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Footer Design Collection of Beautiful Websites

As we all know Footer is the last part of any website. Before nobody takes the footer as a designing part. They just have it for writing Copyright only. Like 2010 etc. But recent websites have thought seriously about the footer section. In this article we will witness some of the excellent Footer Section Design Examples. If you have other choices please share with others through the comments section.

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