Touch Screen Revolution- How You Need To Tweak Your Mobile Web Designs?

The introduction of touch screen mobile phones has overhauled the way users are interacting with their hand-held gadgets. With Apple having adapted OSX over all these years, it will be interesting to see how the smartphone population will embrace the touch screen features. Talking about countries, iOS app development all around the world is scaling new heights of success in the recent years. Now, coming to the process of designing apps for touch screen devices, it is recommended to take additional measures that can improve the overall user experience. In today’s blog, I’ll be covering the ways in which you can moderate your mobile web designs for maintaining a consistent user experience across a wide range of touch-screen enabled devices. As a mobile app designer or mobile-friendly website developer, you need to pay special attention towards each and every element that needs to go into the web solution.

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The Must-Avoid Web Design Usability Mistakes Checklist: Stop Abandonment!

Are your customers abandoning your website, even though your digital marketing initiatives are driving enough traffic?

Usability factor in web design is now slowly been acknowledged as an important criteria for building brand awareness as it can play a significant role in improving a user’s opinion about a website, brand or business. However, it is found to be overlooked many a times leading to businesses losing traffic; and consequently failing to generate leads and close conversions.

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Web Development Security Risks & Best Practices

Web developers create hundreds of websites and often their security problems are associated with the same issues as basic computer security: outdated or unpatched software, weak password management, widgets with malicious scripts and so on.

But sometimes these issues are not superficial. Sometimes they go a bit deeper than that. You know the web hosting server is updated, the CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc.) is also running the latest version, yet, your new web creation still gets infected.

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise because ultimately, vulnerability is present in every internet project. Every web developer has assets to protect, and in the web design world it’s the website assets (dashboard, site availability, data privacy, etc.) you are concerned about.
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12 Examples of Successful Interactive Web Campaigns

In order to build up your brand, you need to go the extra mile in offering your users something that differs from the same old website information and services. To keep them engaged and to build trust and interest in your brand, you should continually develop creative, interactive web campaigns. These can come in the form of microsites, which are single-page sites that provide users with certain information that they gain through actively engaging with the site.

Interactive microsites are most often full of design and coding creativity that isn’t typically seen as much on full websites, because there is more room to provide a fun experience with their simplified and focused content. This collection of successful interactive web campaigns is meant to provide you with inspiration as you begin to plan your own web campaigns to impress and engage your users.

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Who is More Reliable for Your Web Design Projects – Agencies or Freelancers!

With the burgeoning IT industry offering enterprise solutions for every kind of businesses, specialized services like web design, web development, internet marketing solution, etc. are high in demand. This has also led to the mushrooming of agencies and freelance service providers, who are engaged in cut-throat competition for an enviable share of the market pie.

However, every organization has their own preferences for choosing service providers. While some prefer working with agencies that constitute larger teams, some favor working on one-to-one basis for meeting their web requirements. Here we will be discussing the pros and cons of working with both and hopefully you can get an idea as to WHO will suit your project requirement the best.

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New Web Design Trends: Try And Succeed in 2013

A New Year means new beginning and in every New Year we make some predictions. In the ever evolving world of internet and technology, there are many breakthrough innovations every year. And due to these innovations, we make some predictions. In this article or post we are going to discuss about the predictions related to the world of web designing. Keeping in mind the changes which have taken place in 2012, here are some of the new web designing trends which are supposed to rule in 2013:

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Glossary of A to Z Terms used in Web Design Industry

Glossary plays an important role in identifying and understanding the various technical jargons as you get set to foray into the web designing industry. Like any other industry, there are specialized terminologies used to refer to various aspects of web design and here we make an honest attempt to share and discuss a few of them.

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