Resources: Top 10 Free Responsive CSS Frameworks for your Next Web Project

So many problems can arise when you work either online or offline. A definite framework can resolve your problem. Framework is a set of standardize concepts. This can be used as a reference to help in your problem. A framework defined as a set of a structure of files and folders of standardized code. Framework also can save your time of work. Today we present Top 10 Free Responsive CSS Frameworks for your Next Web Project.

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20 Free Set of Ornaments Vector Resources

Here are some beautiful ornamental designs in vector. All these vectors are sophisticated and useful for ornamental website design. Today we collect 20 Free Set of Ornaments Vector Resources for designers which surly save your time to have some ornamental vectors for your next website design.

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Introduction to WordPress Shortcodes – Useful Resources

Being a well-known but rather underestimated feature of WordPress CMS Shortcode API opens the brand new world of opportunities for WordPress users. Just imagine that you can paste a slider on your post page by just typing a single shortcode word [slider] within the post editor. So the whole thing is easier to figure out than it may first seam. WordPress Shortcode API was introduced to web developers in WordPress 2.5. Basically, Shortcode API allows you to use simple macro codes for pasting them into the post content. For example you can add gallery, a slider, a tag cloud or any other functional element right into the post.
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20 jQuery Animate Resources for Developers

Now-a-days jQuery has stolen all the limelight from Flash and all developers like it for unique features of jQuery. jQuery Animate is such a wonderful animation option for developers that they bound to think about opting out Flash.
Today we are presenting a wonderful list of tutorials and plugins that can show you some wonderful animations using jQuery.

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