10 Effective jQuery Lightbox Plugins


jQuery is a powerful tool for web designing. It can transform a web page to an entertaining and high quality. Today we collect some wonderful lightbox plugin with many variations. These lightbox plugins became very popular because it is very easy to implement.

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20 Useful Free and Premium Shortcode Plugins for WordPress


Short Code Plugins for WordPress are the most important thing for developers. You can easily add content and functions into sidebars and use drag and drop to move it around using widget plugins. So many plugins are available now which support the WordPress shortcode and widget system. Today in this article we collect some fabulous Shortcode Plugins for web masters.

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Effective WordPress Plugins to Build Secure Mailing List


To build any online business, there must be a solution to avoid spam mail and unwanted email in your inbox. You have to convince your visitors to subscribe without hesitation. There are some effective tools which can make your mailing list building more properly.

Today we collect some best and Effective WordPress Plugins to Build Secure Mailing List and run your online business without any problem.

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20 Useful jQuery UI Framework Plugins for Web Designers and Developers


jQuery is a popular JavaScript and a most useful word in the web industry these days. Its demand gradually increasing because of its updated and feature content plugins. The web designer and developers can make it possible to satisfy their clients with the help of some excellent jQuery plugins presented in this article. Here it is 20 Useful jQuery UI Framework Plugins for Web Designers and Developers.

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5 Effective Magento Plugins for Compelling Online Sales


Magento is known for its robust nature and unequalled security measures. But, it does promises a lot besides the above-mentioned characteristics. Adding new functionalities and expanding Magento-based ecommerce websites is absolutely easy. As online business is all about tempting visitors and persuading them to buy products, adding a few add-ons would certainly propel the online sales to a huge extent. Well, on settling to add a few modules to improve the online performance of your website, though Magento has some default features, it becomes necessary to go for additional professional plugins that could really help your online business rise above the bar. For those who don’t know where to start from, this article would give some fundamental ideas about some plugins and their benefits.

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5 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Blog or Website


WordPress is the most popular and trusted platform for blogging. As a result, majority of bloggers are using wordpress.org to build their blog or website. I observed that, most of the bloggers are not giving priority to their website security as compare to their blog design and content. As a result, there are many blogs are suffering from hackings, vulnerability and spyware and has lost their data due to lack of security enabled on their blog.

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10 Beautiful jQuery Calendar Plugins


Date is very important for anywhere and anytime. For a Blog or website a date picker calendar must be there. You can use any jQuery calendar plugin for any different web apps such as freelancer billing application, an event management app or anything where date is very important. Today I am going to present 10 Beautiful jQuery Calendar Plugins which you can use anywhere anytime.

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15 Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress Blog


Twitter became one of the most popular social media networks since its launch on 2006. Twitter grown rapidly with their own tools for displaying Twitter status on your Blog. There are so many Twitter related wordpress plugins and tools which will help you to work fast with your Blog.
Here in this article you can choose your desire Twitter plugin for your blog from 15 Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress Blog. Click on any image to have the download page.

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