Advanced Photography Techniques and Tutorials

In recent past I present some beautiful article in Photography shocase and inspiration. Now I think our readers waiting for some photography tutorials also. So I today, go to present some Advanced Photography Techniques and Tutorials which will be helpful to upcoming Photographers.

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Conquering Heights: Tips for Effective Mountain Climbing Photography

Taking a look at some photographs taken by professional mountain climbers while they scale these massive monuments of nature can take your breath away. Being able to capture the struggle of the climber slowly but surely making his/her way up the face of a mountain, risking life and limb for the thrill of the ascent, and the grandeur of the earth swelling up to the skies is its own big challenge.
If you are looking to rise to the heights where you can translate the sheer adrenaline rush, the gritty effort, and the beauty of nature with your digital camera into a picture, you’re going to need to read these following tips and techniques.
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HDR Photography-Examples, History, Important Tips

In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. This wide dynamic range allows HDR images to more accurately represent the range of intensity levels found in real scenes, ranging from direct sunlight to faint starlight.
The two main sources of HDR imagery are computer renderings and merging of multiple photographs, the latter of which in turn are individually referred to as low-dynamic-range (LDR) or standard-dynamic-range (SDR) photographs.
Tone-mapping techniques, which reduce overall contrast to facilitate display of HDR images on devices with lower dynamic range, can be applied to produce images with preserved or exaggerated local contrast for artistic effect.

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50+ Beautiful Black and White Photography

Color plays an important role in how we observe the world around us. If you choose to shoot a black and white photograph it exceedingly changes what’s in front of the lens. Without color, the other components of the photo take a great role in describing the story. So let’s take a look in the photos and notice how lighting, contrast, and composition are much more important in these beautiful examples of black and white photography.

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50+ Amazing Examples of High Speed Photography

In a blink of the eye, a lot can happen. A lot of astonishing things happen in a split of a second, but they are moving too quickly for us to see. High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena. In 1948, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) defined high-speed photography as any set of photographs captured by a camera capable of 128 frames per second or greater, and of at least three consecutive frames. High speed photography can be considered to be the opposite of time-lapse photography. In common usage, high speed photography may refer to either or both of the following meanings. The first is that the photograph itself may be taken in a way as to appear to freeze the motion, especially to reduce motion blur. The second is that a series of photographs may be taken at a high sampling frequency or frame rate. The first requires a sensor with good sensitivity and either a very good shuttering system or a very fast strobe light. The second requires some means of capturing successive frames, either with a mechanical device or by moving data off electronic sensors very quickly.

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