5 Benefits of the Deepweb

The Internet that we mortal human beings non IT experts navigate day after day is only the surface of an immense ocean whose deep waters are filled with God knows what kind of unrevealed information.
The deepweb, as it is commonly known, exists because, opposite to the common belief, Mr. Google and its fellow search engines do not know everything. There is a great amount of sites that the search engines cannot access due to different reasons: some are protected with passwords and/or codes, some are in non-indexed formats, some are completely isolated from all the other sites (not linked in any way)…the causes may vary but the fact is that there is a whole word in the depths of the Wide World Web. Just so that you get an idea of its immensity, and although there is a lack of agreement about it, the deepweb holds approximately the 96% of the information on the Internet.
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14 Portfolio Websites to Boost Your Design Inspiration

Taking a look at the work of others is a great way to become inspired yourself. The websites on this list are handpicked and are some of the most well laid out and designed portfolios on the web. There is a lot of competition and it is a shame that more cannot be featured on this list, but these alone are bound to inspire you as well as give you ideas that you can outright steal. There is no order to the list as each portfolio has its own charms.

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20 Portfolio Websites to Boost Your Design Inspiration

When Designers want to describe himself about his potential and creativity they need a high quality and well-designed portfolio. It’s important to show your talent to your visitors and clients. The portfolio website can be a strong marketing tool and people must interest in your service.
This article 20 Portfolio Websites to Boost Your Design Inspiration can be motivate you to create a well-designed portfolio website.

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20 Best Clean Website Design for Inspiration

New Trend s comes every year in web design. There are so many options and effects are produced in the design to attract visitors. Fair and clean websites always getting higher value to the viewers all around the world. This collection is 20 Best Clean Website Design for Inspiration.

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Beautiful Collection of Graffiti Art for Artists and Designers Inspiration

Graffiti is writing or drawings on any wall or avail surface in a public place. Graffiti can create in simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and it has existed since ancient times. Now-a-days, paint, particularly spray paint, and marker pens become the most commonly used graffiti materials.
It can express underlying social and political messages and artistic expression which based upon spray paint graffiti styles. This article is a Beautiful Collection of Graffiti Art for Artists and Designers Inspiration.
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20 Websites for iPhone Apps to Inspire Designers and Developers

iPhone designers and developers needs some useful source to inspire themselves for iPhone Apps. These websites contains some beautifully executed iPhone apps in there showcase. You can get some useful Apps for weather apps, video apps, photo apps and more, from these listed websites. So take a tour on these websites and I am sure you will get your desire iPhone Apps.

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