20 Fundamental Practices to Excellent HTML Coding


Most of the pages that we have today are powered by HTML websites. Not only does the HTML represents a majority of sites in the Internet domain – the static ones, but it assumes prime importance even while we use a CMS or other such tool for developing dynamic websites. Since HTML is still the most fundamental and paramount skill in the field of web development, we figured it was about time we came up with 20 essential HTML best practices, intended at upping the notch of HTML development skills.
Find out below, the 20 industry wide recognized best practices which a developer should abide by, in order to significantly raise the standards of their codes. You may find a few of the following tips to be quite basic, but we figured a trip down the memory lane isn’t a bad thing after all. In fact, it might just add up to your productivity, letting you remember some of your own long lost or forgotten tricks and practices. Read ahead to know more:

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20 Excellent Example of Text Decoration over Image in Web Design


A beautiful website can be creating not only heavy text but it can be decorated by images. If a designer can set few attractive Text or slogans over images or pictures it will be more gorgeous to look. Viewers already pay attention on that Text because those texts over images will be look more attractive than a simple one. In this article we collect 20 Excellent Example of Text Decoration over Image in Web Design. Enjoy!

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20+ Excellent Premium Ecommerce Templates


Magento Templates is the topic I want to write about in this blog post. Being one great eCommerce open source platform, Magento is the best chosen for building any online shopping store. With efficient ecommerce themes, anyone can build their own excellent online shop with an adorable look and feel in no time. Some of the most popular Magento themes are available for shoe stores, sports wear, mobile phones, furniture stores, fashion stores and women’s accessories. There are also a plenty of niche themes in Magento. In this post, I’ll showcase some of the premium Magento themes that are best in the market. So, ready to go? Here goes them!

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20 Excellent Code Snippet Resources


A developer some time needed code snippets to develop a side in minimum time with organized coding. You have to reuse few snippets to save your time and turn out good with great satisfaction. There are so many resources online for useful code snippets to get and also upload your own snippets. Here, in this article you can find some great websites to collect and upload code snippets.

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