19 Awesome and Inspiring Custom Shoe Designs

Over the last few decades the global sneakerhead community – collectors and fashionistas who specialise in trainers – has also given rise to a new phenomenon, custom shoes. These are trainers, pumps or other suitable types of footwear that are hand-painted or drawn with unique designs. Graphic artists, designers and illustrators are able to let their creativity and imagination run riot across the sneakers, whilst at the same time responding to the limitations of the shapes and confines of the available surface on which to apply their designs. Popular custom shoe design references include sneaker-related subcultures such as hip-hop, comic books, music, TV, film, skateboarding and basketball. Elsewhere artists use their own individual styles and subject matter to produce unique custom shoes, or create personalised shoes for other sneakerheads according to individual requirements. There are many web-based custom shoe outlets who make one-off designs to order, along with many designers and artists who share their creations on the internet.

This post brings together 19 examples of awesome custom shoes, designs that could inspire you to pick up a pen and have a go at decorating your own sneakers.

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25 Awesome Infographic Designs

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. An information graphic in its simplest form is a visual interpretation of data. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. Below is a collection of some beautifully designed infographics to inspire you. Enjoy!

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15 Awesome Premium CMS Theme

CMS one of most popular and acceptable web development roadway. This article contains 15 Awesome Premium CMS Theme which can solve your search for a well equipped web design. Some other areas of the popular articles of our website is printing design materials. You can complete here of searching a flyer printing design.

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50+ Awesome Useful Android Apps

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android will ship with a set of core applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. All applications are written using the Java programming language.
Android includes a set of C/C++ libraries used by various components of the Android system. These capabilities are exposed to developers through the Android application framework.
By providing an open development platform, Android offers developers the ability to build extremely rich and innovative applications. Developers are free to take advantage of the device hardware, access location information, run background services, set alarms, add notifications to the status bar, and much, much more.
Today we are going to present some Awesome Useful android Apps for you.

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18 Free Social Media Icon Sets with Awesome Creativity

You need to attract more your viewers if you want to lift your Blog in a super high. A well-designed website sometime not gets up to the mark without placing creative Icons in their suitable places. In this article you have a great opportunity to collect some creative Free Social Media Icons to decorate your Blog. These Icons are all in high quality and high resolutions. So hurry, grab them now!

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