How Content Holds Significant Role in Web Design


There are countless websites in the world. But all are not successful. The main story of success is to follow some guideline for a website which not only acceptable among the audience but need some creativity. Sometime A beautifully designed website can be top of the page and also some content heavy with adaptive design must success in web audience. This article is a perfect collection of How Content Holds Significant Role in Web Design.

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20 Beautiful Inspirations of Typography Websites


Typography is not only arranging type but it does all the show and art for a beautiful website. Selection of typeface with adjusting letters is a modern trend in mass communication. Designers art directors uses typography in their specialize occupation. Today I am going to show 20 Beautiful Inspirations of Typography Websites which can improve the designer’s creativity.

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Spectacular Features Carried HTML5 Based Music Player for WordPress Users


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, which is also used to develop a multi-functional website. Across the world, millions of people are using WordPress to develop their desired blog and website to interact and sell their products. Now, WordPress Music is also a great platform for all the musicians, music companies and music lovers who run their own bands as they can easily reach out the people of world in just simple steps.

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30 Best Vector Icon Packs for Designers


With every passing day the Internet is becoming more and more popular. The rise in the number of desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones is witness to this fact. And the more popular the Web becomes the more popular websites will become. In other words the process of creating and designing a website is very popular and will be even in more demand in the future.

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Making Mobile Devices More Secure for Cloud Sharing


Security is one of the chief concerns for cloud sharing, but most businesses and individuals tend to focus primarily on the security of their laptops and desktops. They forget about their mobile devices. Yet one of the benefits of cloud sharing is the fact that you can actually access them from mobile devices. Despite this benefit, you have to make sure that your mobile device is secure enough for cloud sharing.

Hacking has become an increased problem on mobile devices, primarily because mobile devices often store significant amounts of information with fewer safety measures than laptops or PCs. People tend to leave their accounts on mobile devices “always remembered,” meaning that anyone who accesses the mobile device can access the information. The convenience is not a bad thing in and of itself. However, you will need to make your mobile devices more secure to prevent the loss of confidential information.

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20 Beautiful Free Cartoon Fonts


Fonts have a symbolic place in any where to show anything. A design cannot be complete without a font. There are so many requirements of fonts in any design. Cartoon font is a most prolific presence in cinema, business banners, festive party ads etc. Here are 20 Beautiful Free Cartoon Fonts for free downloading.

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