5 Unconventional Mobile App Marketing Techniques


Mobile app marketing is no more an obscure science. A couple of years ago, not many had a clue about how to market their mobile apps. It was all hit or miss. Over the years, digital marketers and mobile developers have found what works.

For example, most developers know that they need to use social media to create a buzz, they need a pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing strategy, and they need to create a good landing page for the app. You don’t need me to tell you that getting your app reviewed or mentioned in a tech blog or print media will help you boost downloads.

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20 Fundamental Practices to Excellent HTML Coding


Most of the pages that we have today are powered by HTML websites. Not only does the HTML represents a majority of sites in the Internet domain – the static ones, but it assumes prime importance even while we use a CMS or other such tool for developing dynamic websites. Since HTML is still the most fundamental and paramount skill in the field of web development, we figured it was about time we came up with 20 essential HTML best practices, intended at upping the notch of HTML development skills.
Find out below, the 20 industry wide recognized best practices which a developer should abide by, in order to significantly raise the standards of their codes. You may find a few of the following tips to be quite basic, but we figured a trip down the memory lane isn’t a bad thing after all. In fact, it might just add up to your productivity, letting you remember some of your own long lost or forgotten tricks and practices. Read ahead to know more:

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12 Examples of Successful Interactive Web Campaigns


In order to build up your brand, you need to go the extra mile in offering your users something that differs from the same old website information and services. To keep them engaged and to build trust and interest in your brand, you should continually develop creative, interactive web campaigns. These can come in the form of microsites, which are single-page sites that provide users with certain information that they gain through actively engaging with the site.

Interactive microsites are most often full of design and coding creativity that isn’t typically seen as much on full websites, because there is more room to provide a fun experience with their simplified and focused content. This collection of successful interactive web campaigns is meant to provide you with inspiration as you begin to plan your own web campaigns to impress and engage your users.

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15 Fresh Navigation Menu Tutorial using CSS3 and HTML5


The most important element of a website is its navigation.
We today present 15 Fresh Navigation Menu Tutorial using CSS3 and HTML5. You can learn here some beautiful and creative horizontal and vertical navigation menu creation. These navigation tutorials are supported in most major web browsers. So You can use these tutorials to create your own style custom navigation bars.

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10 Free Online eBooks for Web Designers and Developers


Internet has been changed our life with its handy resource. In web design arena there are lots of things we have to know. eBooks for designers and developers can change the method of learning and you can evolve yourself in professional web design world. There are number of free eBooks available in net. To minimize your headech and cost to learn web designing I here present 10 Free Online eBooks for Web Designers and Developers.

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