Web Development Security Risks & Best Practices

Web developers create hundreds of websites and often their security problems are associated with the same issues as basic computer security: outdated or unpatched software, weak password management, widgets with malicious scripts and so on. But sometimes these issues...

Flat Colorful Nature Free Vector Icon Set

Nature & Environment related websites are always approached with strong graphical appearance. Be it Print Media or Website. These Flat Colorful Nature Free Vector Icon will help any design to be strong and bold. I would like to thank Shawn from Vecteezy to share...

Will the Amazon Fire Burn Out?

The smartphone market was virtually non-existent just seven years ago, is already one of the tech world’s largest source of income, competition, and, inevitably, failures. Remember Nokia? Once the world’s most successful cell phone company, it simply could not keep up...

Religious Website Design: Top 5 Features to Use

Religious website design is a whole science to master before you build your congregation project. This kind of design concerns to churches, non-profits, and modern organizations with different beliefs. Such a website can be private, i.e. oriented on the members only...

20 Fresh Free Font for Web Designers

Typography in web design is one of the most important parts for designers. Designers always used to search for some fresh new fonts for their design to have a new and fresh look. This article must help designers to collect some useful fresh free fonts in their...

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