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Interactive Design: What you need to know!

Interaction Design is the design concept that everyone is talking about. It is mandatory for all digital projects that they incorporate elements of interactive design for aligning with the coming trends.
How do you design things that people will love to interact with? With technology, the approach is being tweaked but one of the most important elements that remain standard is that people prefer to use intuitive design that is entirely functional and aesthetically valuable.
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7 Customer Centric Website Redesign Tips

The website of a company undoubtedly serves as the entry point of its business. It is also one of the most important sales tool let the company present its business on the web or digital space. Naturally, in designing or redesigning the company basically wants to optimize the website so that more number of visitors can be turned into customers.

But, redesigning is more challenging a task for a business website. It is also the most misunderstood project by the undertakers of such project. There are few aspects to consider. First of all, a redesigned website at a glance can shock the regular visitors. The visitors upon arriving on the website can find using it difficult if the website navigation and page structure changed too much following a redesign. Secondly, a redesigned website needs time to orient the users and actually make an impact on the business outcome. One cannot expect an impact just instantly after the site redesign.

Most research regarding this indicate that following the redesign of a website the typical user satisfaction goes down and it takes few weeks to months to restore their satisfaction. Naturally as far as business impact is concerned a website redesign is a challenging project that requires consideration of visitor satisfaction at every step. That’s why it is essential to take a customer-driven approach to the redesign process. Whether for alleviating the overall site user experience or for making better impact on sales or for adding more firepower to the digital brand promotion, a thorough redesign can help you to fulfill an array of objectives but you need to maintain a customer centric redesign approach invariably and throughout.

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5 Benefits of the Deepweb

The Internet that we mortal human beings non IT experts navigate day after day is only the surface of an immense ocean whose deep waters are filled with God knows what kind of unrevealed information.
The deepweb, as it is commonly known, exists because, opposite to the common belief, Mr. Google and its fellow search engines do not know everything. There is a great amount of sites that the search engines cannot access due to different reasons: some are protected with passwords and/or codes, some are in non-indexed formats, some are completely isolated from all the other sites (not linked in any way)…the causes may vary but the fact is that there is a whole word in the depths of the Wide World Web. Just so that you get an idea of its immensity, and although there is a lack of agreement about it, the deepweb holds approximately the 96% of the information on the Internet.
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Why WordPress Has Edge over Other CMS?

WordPress is a powerful and prominent open source CMS (Content Management System) that has given the new standards to the web development industry. Many of the website owners and professional developers prefer WP as a perfect platform where they can develop an ingenious and innovative website quickly and conveniently.
The vast majority of websites have been developing in WordPress. It has become one of the great platforms that can manage all styles of websites. Therefore, WP is the most favorite Content management system, as compared to other CMS like Joomla, Magento, etc.
In this post, we will find out why the WordPress has become the first choice for many of the web developers and designers.
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10 Incredibly Useful Free IDEs That Can Help You Stay More Productive

If you are a web developer or a mobile developer, you need to make painstaking efforts to accomplish your job with a great precision. To stay productive while ensuring a surefire result, one has to efficiently write code with minimum possible mistakes. Although, it completely depends on an individual, there are numerous IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) by using which, one can easily and quickly achieve milestones.

An IDE offers a valuable platform to conveniently develop applications with flair. A basic IDE consists of four basic components, including a text editor, a compiler or an interpreter, a debugger, and build automation tools; moreover, an IDE dedicated to web development also contains FTP.

• Text Editor (aka source code editor) – for editing various programming and scripting languages.

• Compiler – converts the source code (input) into corresponding computer language.

• Build Automation Tools – for automating the tasks that developers perform frequently.

• Debugger – for testing the code and identifying the bugs.

There are numerous IDEs available in the market, each has its own set of benefits. In this post, I have compiled a few of the best IDEs for your consideration. Without any further ado, let’s distill the most recommended Free IDEs.
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8 Best Mobile Website Builders

The Mobile Web refers to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based Internet services, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, a feature phone or a tablet computer, connected to a mobile network or other wireless network. There are so many mobile website builders available in the web. We today present 8 Best Mobile Website Builder to choose.
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Religious Website Design: Top 5 Features to Use

Religious website design is a whole science to master before you build your congregation project. This kind of design concerns to churches, non-profits, and modern organizations with different beliefs. Such a website can be private, i.e. oriented on the members only and with the password protected parameters. Another option is an open site for regular users and the newcomers who will either join your organization or not. Depending on the target audience of the website, its aim and scope, you need to fill the layout with appropriate content and define the end result this project should bring you.
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17 Free High Qualities Responsive HTML5 Web Template

Website designers should have known about the latest requirements of users. So they have to create quality design and absolutely new and attractive features which helps users to handle in an ease. Today we present 17 Free High Qualities Responsive HTML5 Web Template to help and inspire designers to match their creativity in latest trends of web design.

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20 Best Clean Website Design for Inspiration

New Trend s comes every year in web design. There are so many options and effects are produced in the design to attract visitors. Fair and clean websites always getting higher value to the viewers all around the world. This collection is 20 Best Clean Website Design for Inspiration.

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20 Creative Website Design for Educational Institutions

There are so many types of websites for Business or Online portfolios. Websites for educational institutions also need some creative look to attract people for the advantages of the institutions. So it needs various styles and designs. Today we present a beautiful showcase of 20 Creative Website Design for Educational Institutions.

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Resources: Top 10 Free Responsive CSS Frameworks for your Next Web Project

So many problems can arise when you work either online or offline. A definite framework can resolve your problem. Framework is a set of standardize concepts. This can be used as a reference to help in your problem. A framework defined as a set of a structure of files and folders of standardized code. Framework also can save your time of work. Today we present Top 10 Free Responsive CSS Frameworks for your Next Web Project.

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The pros and cons of a DIY Website Builder

A website isn’t always built by a web tech or a rocket scientist. Many every day, regular people need to build a website for a multitude of reasons. They may be opening a business, planning a wedding, writing a blog, or looking for a job. Whatever the reason, being able to build the website themselves is appealing and almost necessary. It isn’t prudent to pay for someone to build each and every website a person may need, and there are cheaper options.
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Does My Website Need A Responsive Design?

“Labor Omnia Vincit”

The above-mentioned quote says it all that is hard work always wins, however, at present we have an entirely different scenario. Hard work today is a perfect combination of smart work plus planned effort. The basic aim of a website other than catering information is to offer a pleasant and satisfying User Experience. Regardless of how massive a website is in-terms of bandwidth or even the designing interface, if it fails visitors in terms of UX then, it will be termed as a bad investment. Websites ranging from a lucid blog to a full-fledged e-commerce portal, the basic aim of every web portal is to providing a good user experience.

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How to Profit From Your Web Design Business

As the internet continues to embed itself deeper into the fabric of society, the need for websites becomes greater for those who want to take advantage of the opportunities up for grabs. This demand alone enables the web design industry to continually flourish despite economic conditions.
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