20 Fundamental Practices to Excellent HTML Coding


Most of the pages that we have today are powered by HTML websites. Not only does the HTML represents a majority of sites in the Internet domain ā€“ the static ones, but it assumes prime importance even while we use a CMS or other such tool for developing dynamic websites. Since HTML is still the most fundamental and paramount skill in the field of web development, we figured it was about time we came up with 20 essential HTML best practices, intended at upping the notch of HTML development skills.
Find out below, the 20 industry wide recognized best practices which a developer should abide by, in order to significantly raise the standards of their codes. You may find a few of the following tips to be quite basic, but we figured a trip down the memory lane isnā€™t a bad thing after all. In fact, it might just add up to your productivity, letting you remember some of your own long lost or forgotten tricks and practices. Read ahead to know more:

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Rules for Images on Your Mobile Website


The Internet provides a vast wealth of pictures and videos for everyone to see, but just because they’re there, that doesn’t mean that they can be used or that they should be used. This is even more true for designing a mobile website. With limited space, you have to make sure that the images you choose are the best for what you need to accomplish. It’s important to bear a few things in mind.

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10 Simple and Effective CSS Tricks for Web Designers


CSS is one of the important powers for web developing. You should have known lot of CSS tricks and tips which is simple but effective. Sometime a simple code makes a sweet impact in design. In this post you can learn 10 Simple and Effective CSS Tricks to implement in design. I supposed to post some more CSS relative articles with more fabulous tips and tricks.

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Most Useful Color Tips and Tools for Web Developers


Color is an often-overlooked factor in the design process, pushed aside in favor of typography, layout and imagery. But the truth is that color has a powerful psychological effect, which influences how they choose to buy something, whether they continue browsing your site, and how they respond to your brand. But it can also be one of the most difficult elements to get right. Fortunately, there are many helpful tools to get the creative juices flowing and finding the perfect color scheme for your site.

Color theory helps create an easy way to understand how colors work together, or not. The color wheel, based on the three primary colors red, yellow and blue, was created to show how colors relate to one another. Based on a twelve-part color wheel including all the hues, a designer can start to create the perfect palette.

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A Complete Guide & Worthy Tips on Hire Web Developer


If you govern your business online through possessing a website, then it might be possible that tomorrow you turn directory to hire web developer. Also, in order to avail dedicated web development services for distinct platform you can go ahead to. However, in the session of your online business whether you have set-up another section in the site or facing certain issues like error in site that includes improper site structure, lack of precise implementation of element or site navigation, I will suggest you to hire web programmer.

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