Top 10 Outsourcing PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Providers 2015

If you have a creative design ready with you and want to get it converted into a dynamic WordPress website, then outsourcing a reliable PSD to WordPress conversion service provider will be a profitable option. Though you can find lots of themes in the WordPress themes directory, it is recommended to create custom themes and templates to give your site a unique look. This brings the need to approach a reputed company for custom-made solutions. It is good to contact a firm, which guarantees quality website at the most affordable prices. Now, the concern is why to choose WordPress for your website! Reasons to opt for this CMS are many, let’s discuss them in brief.
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20 Best Free & Premium Blog Magazine WordPress Themes in 2015

If you are looking for magazine wordpress themes for your next blogging project then you are just in the right place. Here I am going to present you some great free & premium wordpress blog magazine themes which can be used for creating any kind of magazine style website in any niche.

Creating a website is now not so difficult job to do. You just need to hire a developer from freelance market places like odesk, freelancer, elance & like so for creating your project if you want to build a custom cms & have big budget for that. Otherwise choosing a CMS like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc is the best way to get started. WordPress is the most popular & chosen platform by millions of users because of its efficient & easy interface. Anyone can handle a wordpress blog without having any coding knowledge. So if you are planning to start a magazine, blog or news site then wordpress will be your best choice.

What kind of theme you are looking for? Free or premium? I showcased here both type of wordpress magazine style themes which are best in 2015. So you can choose a theme which one suits you best whether it’s free or not.

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6 Key Tips for Building a Successful Mobile App

Mobile applications have become a vital component in our lives. You can find an app serving varied purposes, from letting you play games to track healthy eating habits, organize to-do lists and much more. With mobile devices outselling traditional computer systems, creating a mobile app can help expand your reach to the target audience located far and wide. However, with more than 1.2 million apps available in the app store, bringing the user’s attention to your own mobile application can be challenging.

Simply put, with a dozen of great mobile apps out there, it’s likely that only a few people will discover and download your app. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will make you walk the right track, resulting in producing a successful application:

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8 Best Mobile Website Builders

The Mobile Web refers to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based Internet services, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, a feature phone or a tablet computer, connected to a mobile network or other wireless network. There are so many mobile website builders available in the web. We today present 8 Best Mobile Website Builder to choose.
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A Versatile Collection of Design Resources for Free

Designer resources are a boon for every web designer as it not only eases their task but also helps reduce the time taken to sculpt a website. Thanks to these design resources, the web designers no longer need to create each and every element of a website from scratch. These design resources are easy to work with, modify and also brings forth the latest web design the current market has to offer.
But searching for design resources isn’t a easy task. There are a number of websites that will provide your design resources that might now support your requirement or needs. But thanks to DealFuel, you can browse through and search from a spectrum of design resources without wasting a lot of time browsing through the web. Below mentioned are some of the design resources that can significantly aid in your web designing tasks.

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7 Latest Drupal Modules That Web Developers Should Be Aware Of

All the content management systems (CMS) enable website owners the ability to create and maintain their site with ease. In addition, they help enhance website functionality by offering several add-ons. If you’ve planned on using Drupal as your choice of CMS, then probably you’ve come up with a list of modules that help you perform a range of tasks from providing users with a clickable map to enter latitude and longitude, to the one that help integrate e-commerce functionality into the site and so much more – without writing code.

Drupal modules help you build as well as extend your website in the most efficient manner possible. They help reduce your stress with re-structuring features for your new or existing features. Here we have compiled a list of top 8 latest Drupal modules that you should be aware of.

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10 Great Resources to Find Inspiring Fonts for Your Website

Many consider typography to be the foundation of web design. The focus on typography is also a new web design trend, which is predicted to boom in 2015. That’s why it’s essential to know how to utilize and optimize typography to create a balanced, hierarchical and accessible structure of web content. Here are top 10 resources to help you make the most from typography in your web design.

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7 Remarkable Mobile UI Kits You Can’t Afford To Miss

In order to ease the workflow of mobile app designers, a group of professionals and experts have designed mobile GUI kits that include a variety of things that allow designers to come up with absolutely scintillating designs for their mobile applications. Some of the key components of mobile UI kits include profile layouts, a variety of login pages, social media icons set, calendars, user friendly templates and audio/video players. With the sole aim of pacifying troubled brains of app designers, the mobile UI kits are a must-have in every mobile app designer’s tool-kit.

And now, a refined collection of seven Mobile UI Kits you can’t afford to skip knowing about

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15 Useful jQuery Plugins For Layout and UI Enhancements

jQuery plugins makes designers job easy and fast. Everyday lots of plugins discover, you need just choose one which easily match your sketch. Also sometime you need some variation in the existing design. In that case you have to implement the jquery plugin which stand up better than the previous one.
Here you go with 15 Useful jQuery Plugins For Layout and UI Enhancements.
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