6 Key Tips for Building a Successful Mobile App

Mobile applications have become a vital component in our lives. You can find an app serving varied purposes, from letting you play games to track healthy eating habits, organize to-do lists and much more. With mobile devices outselling traditional computer systems, creating a mobile app can help expand your reach to the target audience located far and wide. However, with more than 1.2 million apps available in the app store, bringing the user’s attention to your own mobile application can be challenging.

Simply put, with a dozen of great mobile apps out there, it’s likely that only a few people will discover and download your app. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will make you walk the right track, resulting in producing a successful application:

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8 Best Mobile Website Builders

The Mobile Web refers to access to the world wide web, i.e. the use of browser-based Internet services, from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone, a feature phone or a tablet computer, connected to a mobile network or other wireless network. There are so many mobile website builders available in the web. We today present 8 Best Mobile Website Builder to choose.
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A Versatile Collection of Design Resources for Free

Designer resources are a boon for every web designer as it not only eases their task but also helps reduce the time taken to sculpt a website. Thanks to these design resources, the web designers no longer need to create each and every element of a website from scratch. These design resources are easy to work with, modify and also brings forth the latest web design the current market has to offer.

But searching for design resources isn’t a easy task. There are a number of websites that will provide your design resources that might now support your requirement or needs. But thanks to DealFuel, you can browse through and search from a spectrum of design resources without wasting a lot of time browsing through the web. Below mentioned are some of the design resources that can significantly aid in your web designing tasks.

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7 Latest Drupal Modules That Web Developers Should Be Aware Of

All the content management systems (CMS) enable website owners the ability to create and maintain their site with ease. In addition, they help enhance website functionality by offering several add-ons. If you’ve planned on using Drupal as your choice of CMS, then probably you’ve come up with a list of modules that help you perform a range of tasks from providing users with a clickable map to enter latitude and longitude, to the one that help integrate e-commerce functionality into the site and so much more – without writing code.

Drupal modules help you build as well as extend your website in the most efficient manner possible. They help reduce your stress with re-structuring features for your new or existing features. Here we have compiled a list of top 8 latest Drupal modules that you should be aware of.

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10 Great Resources to Find Inspiring Fonts for Your Website

Many consider typography to be the foundation of web design. The focus on typography is also a new web design trend, which is predicted to boom in 2015. That’s why it’s essential to know how to utilize and optimize typography to create a balanced, hierarchical and accessible structure of web content. Here are top 10 resources to help you make the most from typography in your web design.

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7 Remarkable Mobile UI Kits You Can’t Afford To Miss

What do Mobile UI kits include?

In order to ease the workflow of mobile app designers, a group of professionals and experts have designed mobile GUI kits that include a variety of things that allow designers to come up with absolutely scintillating designs for their mobile applications. Some of the key components of mobile UI kits include profile layouts, a variety of login pages, social media icons set, calendars, user friendly templates and audio/video players. With the sole aim of pacifying troubled brains of app designers, the mobile UI kits are a must-have in every mobile app designer’s tool-kit.

And now, a refined collection of seven Mobile UI Kits you can’t afford to skip knowing about

1. OS8 Mobile Kit

Offering around 77 fully-customizable PSD files, OS8 Mobile Kit is a fabulous mobile UI kit that has emerged as one of the most recommended UI kits for mobile app designers. Some interesting features of OS8 Mobile Kit include: chat update, innovative file update for the iPhone 6, Timeline update and a few other crucial updates.

2. uiStore

As a retina-ready iOS7 UI Kit for mobile apps, uiStore comes equipped with fully editable colors along with scalable vectors. Some of the interesting features of uiStore include: 100% vector shapes, smart object images, fully editable colors, well-organized PSD files, numerous elements to choose from, applicable for any app design and many more. UiStore pack also comprises of font and icon set links that can be downloaded absolutely free of cost.

3. D7 UI Kit

With over 60 retina-ready PSD files, D7 UI Kit comes with many other useful including well-organized layers and groups, contemporary design, support for display retina (640 x 1136) and many more. Also, there are 13 interesting subjects including: Login, Splash, Profile, Sidebar, Friends, Messages, Media, Location, Weather, News, Calendar, Settings and Social.

4. Otrion

Otrion is a mobile UI kit that has attained an average rating of 5.0 on a scale of 5.0. Key features of Otrion that have impressed one and all include: 100% scalable vectors, fully layered and organized PSD, free icon fonts, free Google fonts, easy to change color style and well-documented help file.

5. Flat Mobile UI

Equipped with custom color schemes and an array of PSD files, Flat Mobile UI kit features a flat design layout that makes it convenient for the designers to build RGB High resolution compatible mobile applications. All 21 pages included within Flat Mobile UI kit comprise of an intro, profile, login, sign up, message, chat, 3 menu pages, map, 2 photo gallery, music, movies, friends, weather, calendar, call, 2news and many more.

6. Nevato Mobile Ui

Nevato Mobile UI kit serves as a brilliant mobile UI kit that includes features such as: 10 pages, 20 PSD files, Register, Welcome Slideshow, Sign In, Horizontal Loading, Rounded Loading, Chat, Contacts, Menu, Lockscreen, Running Dashboard and many more.

7. 8 Quality Part 2 Mobile UI Kit

As a yet another remarkable mobile UI kit, 8 Quality Part 2 Mobile UI Kit comprises of over 44 PSD files and 23 subjects including Login, Launch screen, SignUp, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Profile, Portfolio, Share, Chat, Events, Food, Game Store, Locations, Map, Music, News, Post, Shop, TimeZone, Timeline, Travel, Video and Weather.

Wrapping Up

With such truly amazing mobile UI kits by your side, you can easily execute a mobile app design and development project without making a fuss. I’m sure the collection of mobile UI kits provided above would have tempted you to pick up one for your forthcoming mobile app development venture.

20 Best of the Multi Purpose WordPress Themes

Folks love WordPress. The reason being- it is versatile and a dynamic content management system. Something which had just started as a blogging platform and then gradually evolved into something really powerful and amazing to fit the needs of various online businesses, WordPress indeed has opened up new possibilities for businesses to manage web content in the best possible manner.

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Best Portfolio and Multipurpose Themes

When you’re seeking out clients as a creative professional, one of the first things they’ll ask is to see your past projects. As a result, having a polished website that beautifully showcases your work is a must.

With that in mind, many web designers have created beautiful themes & templates specifically for designers and creative people to show off their work.

In this article, we’ve pulled together some of the best portfolio and multipurpose themes from BootstrapBay, a growing marketplace for premium Bootstrap themes and templates. These themes are ideal for web designers, graphic designers, photographers and all kinds of creative agencies. Enjoy.

Dragonfly – Responsive Business Theme

Dragonfly - Responsive Business Theme

Dragonfly is the ideal Bootstrap theme for agencies, freelancers, startups and creative people. Dragonfly is built on Bootstrap 3.2 and comes with 2 version – HTML and PHP. You can also use LESS pre-processor or just simple CSS. The theme also comes with 5 different color themes and 3 types of navigation. Everything is fully responsive and ready to use.

Nogoli – Awesome Responsive Theme

nogoli - awesome responsive theme

Nogoli is an awesome responsive theme that combines the best of current trends with a clean, pixel-perfect minimal design. It features a variety of different pages making it a very versatile theme for your agency or business.

Fullscreen – Responsive Template

Fullscreen - Responsive Template

FullScreen is beautiful modern template built off Bootstrap 3.2. It’s designed to give your users the most optimal experience on whatever device they’re on. This theme is clean, light weight and neatly marked up.

Papel – Single Page Portfolio Theme

papel - single page portfolio theme

Papel is a clean and modern one-page creative portfolio template. It is the perfect solution for web designers, graphic designers or any kind of creative person. It’s built off Bootstrap 3.2 and packed with great features.

Awesome – Photography/Portfolio Template

Awesome - Photography and Portfolio Template

Awesome is a portfolio Bootstrap template creatively designed to present your artwork in a beautiful and clean way. The template is easy to use and well documented.

Oceanica – Responsive Single Page Theme

Oceanica - Responsive Single Page Theme/?ref=btstrapbay

Oceanica is a clean, beautiful, professional, HTML5 and CSS3 single page template. It is fully adaptable to all major mobile devices. Designed for the creative, digital agencies, photography, illustration or other type of business to present themselves and their work.

Nakula – Responsive Portfolio Theme

nakula - responsive portfolio theme

Nakula is a simple and clean Bootstrap template suitable for any sort of portfolio. It’s built on Bootstrap v3.2 and contains a variety of different pages and layouts for the blog.

Start – Responsive One Page Template

start - responsive one page template

Start is a premium responsive one page Bootstrap template designed for anyone about to launch a product or business. It is multipurpose and features a super clean design.

Easy – One Page Template

easy - one page template

Easy template is designed to give your users the best optimal experience on whatever device they’re on. This theme is very lightweight due to the very minimal design, and clean markup. All of the background colors can be changed with ease in the css.

Wilford – Responsive Agency Template

Wilford - Responsive Agency Template

Wilford is a one page template that is perfect for agencies and freelancers. The template is fully responsive and easy to customize. It can handle both corporate and personal projects very well.

Crafto – One Page Responsive Template

Crafto - One Page Responsive Template

Crafto HTML is a one page Bootstrap theme that presents you as a designer (or creative) to the world. Moreover, this theme can be adapted to any kind of creative company. Crafto uses the latest CSS3 techniques, stunning parallax effects and a nice clean professional look.

Makers – Agency & Portfolio Template

Makers - Agency & Portfolio Template

Makers is a clean responsive Bootstrap theme for your agency, business and portfolio. Every single detail is carefully designed, in order to create a wonderful user experience.

Agenzio – One Page Responsive Theme

agenzio - one page responsive theme

Agenzio is a one page responsive Bootstrap theme with 4 color variations. It contains a filtered Ajax portfolio and a working contact form with spam bot protection.

myFolio – Personal Portfolio Template

myFolio - Personal Portfolio Template

myFolio is a fully responsive one page template built off Bootstrap. If you are looking for a simple, smooth scrolling website to showcase your works very neatly, then this template is perfect for you.

PixyWEB – Responsive One Page Template

pixyweb - responsive one page template

PixyWEB is a 100% responsive one page Bootstrap template. Built on Bootstrap 3.1, it’s perfect for creative agencies, digital studios, personal freelancers, photographers and any other creative professional.

Flat King – One Page Template

flat king - one page template

Flat King is a clean one page responsive Bootstrap theme that utilizes a flat design. It’s great for anyone looking to showcase a business with a portfolio.

Semi-Pro Bootstrap Portfolio Theme

semi-pro bootstrap portfolio theme

Semi-Pro is a portfolio theme for an individual or small agency. It includes 8 different pages and Less files for further customization.

Heather – Bootstrap Landing Page

Heather - Bootstrap Landing Page

Heather is a Bootstrap template that comes in 2 different styles, along with the option of plain or animated CSS. PSD files and detailed documentation are also provided.

Magnet – Multipurpose Theme

Magnet - Multipurpose Theme

Magnet is a one page multipurpose lightweight Bootstrap theme with touch enabled sliders and carousels. It features a variety of different sections and plugins.

Koopi – One Page Flat Creative Theme

koopi - one page flat creative theme

Koopi is a flat, one page Bootstrap theme designed for multipurpose use and powered by HTML5 and the latest CSS3 techniques. The theme includes external HTML pages, 8 color options, filterable portfolio and a working contact form with live validation.

Laktify – Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Laktify - Multipurpose Bootstrap Theme

Laktify is perfect for any type of small business, corporate and agency. Laktify is built with Bootstrap and combines all of its great features with a clean user-friendly layout.

Mixer – Responsive One Page Template

Mixer - Responsive One Page Template

Mixer is a one page versatile Bootstrap template that is suitable for a variety of functions. The template could be utilized as a landing page, portfolio showcase or for any type of business.

Jiggy – Single page portfolio theme

Jiggy - Single page portfolio theme

Jiggy is a beautiful and fully responsive one page HTML template, intended for websites that are showcasing a creative portfolio. It features a parallax scroll design that highlights many different sections.

VANTE5 – Multipurpose Bootstrap Template

vante5 - multipurpose bootstrap template

Vante5 is a multipurpose Bootstrap template that is very flexible and easy to customize. It contains a variety of different pages and tons of great features.

Duster – Responsive Single Page Template

Duster - Responsive Single Page Template

Duster is a single page Bootstrap template using a parallax scroll design. It can be utilized by businesses, design agency, and anyone looking to showcase a portfolio.

Top 8 Flat Drupal 7 Business Themes Worth Considering

Flat design has become the latest fad among web designers. However, time will tell whether the flat design will remain a trend or is just a fad that will abate soon. But, observing how designers are showing interest in implementing this new trend in their work nowadays, choosing themes with flat design as the base for your business website is an option worth considering.

If you’ve been ransacking the web for finding the best Drupal flat themes of 2014, I’ve handpicked 8 best high-quality flat themes for Drupal – for you to choose for your project.

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