20 Most Useful Custom Shapes for Photoshop Users

Custom shapes for Photoshop\ are very much essential to design a web site. There are so many free custom shapes with resources are available in the internet. Today we showcase some useful free custom shapes for Photoshop with source file and instructions for installing in Photoshop tool box. Download these custom shapes and install them now.

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18 Free New Icon Sets

In a website design few small things takes big role to its visitors. Selection of color variation, fonts and of course icons has a major importance in any design. Here you can collect some beautiful icons from 18 Free New Icon Sets.
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10 Free Animal Fur and Skin Texture Pack

Sometime a web designer remains puzzled in search of a texture that is not easy picking. Today we tried to solve the problem. In this post you can collect some beautiful free animal Fur and Skin Textures. Just go to the download page by clicking an image and download it. One thing, make sure that you read each license before use.

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