30 Inspirational Fashion Ad Designs

I just love fashion advertising. This is a branch of advertising that focuses on creating promotions for the fashion industry.

This particular industry has, as most of the other, some unique needs from a promotional point of view, and that can make it very exciting and challenging to work as an advertiser. Just think – some of the most famous advertising campaigns ever have been for really big fashion houses.
What do we think of when we talk about fashion advertising: advertisements of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories and other similar products, as well as premium perfumes?

Red Tape Urban Wear

Fashion ads have a particular goal: to connect the potential clients with the brand. You may have noticed that fashions ads also promote a lifestyle, besides the actual product, trying to teach the clients to associate a certain brand with a specific social class and even lifestyle. Nevertheless, the content and tone of the advertisements may vary, depending on the market the brand is trying to target. The market can range from wealthy individuals to people with less income, but who could still be considered a valuable customer.

Red Tape Urban Wear

You can see print advertising in many magazines, newspapers in all the major fashion markets like Paris, New York and Milan and not only. Even more, fashion advertising can be seen in television commercials and most of the fashion houses receive free publicity from celebrities that wear their products. I bet you’ve seen many fashion houses having a celebrity as their image that is a great boost for publicity, but it’s certainly not free.

LiNing Sports

Because beauty sells the best, fashion advertising is most of the times linked to sexuality. We often see women in suggestive poses who appear in advertisements for the fashion industry, whether we’re talking about dresses, perfumes or accessories. Nevertheless, these ads are usually beautiful pictures, with extremely beautiful woman (or men), photographed on a great background. Sometimes, the ad designers make a fantastic use of photo manipulation techniques to achieve a greater effect.

Fallon Jewellery S/S 11 Ad Campaign

Elisabetta Canalis: Roberto Cavalli S/S 11 Ad Campaign

Juicy Couture

Louboutin S/S 11 Look Book

Louboutin S/S 11 Look Book

Metro Shoes


Beymen Spring 11

O2 ND Spring Campaign




Ayakkabi Dunyasi


Allen Solly

Allen Solly



LiNing Sports




Louis Vuitton


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