Why WordPress Has Edge over Other CMS?

WordPress is a powerful and prominent open source CMS (Content Management System) that has given the new standards to the web development industry. Many of the website owners and professional developers prefer WP as a perfect platform where they can develop an...

The Best Android Apps For Designers

If you’re into graphic design, but you don’t always want to be chained to your regular PC in order to work on some really cool stuff, check out the following design apps for Android tablet or phone. Infinite Design What is this, anyway? Well, it’s a...

Excellent Websites with Video Background

HTML5 become handy to create a quality user experience in web design. Its makes easier and more interesting to implement video in any website. Some websites are created with large video back- ground which is exceptionally attractive. This article is a collection of 10...

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Designing an App

Every good app developer constantly learns how to create the best apps avoiding the common pitfalls. How can you be up to date with the current methodologies and ensure that the app is bug free? There are two ways to learn. One is from the experience of developing an...

What CMS should you prefer? WordPress or Joomla

Ever since its launch in 2003, WordPress has continued to dominate the web design industry. It would be simply wrong to just call it a CMS tool as it was no less than a revolution when it arrived. On a rough estimate more than 60 million websites online have been...

How to achieve the perfect uniformity in your web design?

Web designing throughout time has undergone many changes and evolved gradually. Many design concepts arrived and went by without leaving a trace, but uniformity or symmetry is one aspect of web designing which has stood the test of time. Simply put uniformity with...

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